new video game - "Black College Football: the Xperience"

It’s only a teaser trailer at the moment, but I can guaran-fucking-tee that this is going to be hotter (as in controversial) than a bucket of napalm if it turns out to be real, especially in light of the recent Vick scandal.

What the Hell does Michael Vick have to do with it? He went to Virginia Tech.

It’s a niche game for a niche market. That market would be fans of historically black colleges (Morehouse, Spellman, etc.) playing football. And they DO have football teams. The game ain’t racist but I wonder if the guy behind your link is. I also wonder about you.

Looks real enough to me.

We don’t know anything about this game other than the idea that it’s supposed to be about the black student athlete experience. If it features a lot of gangsta stereotypes and things, it’ll be offensive, but we don’t know if that’s what it’s like. I can definitely see the potential to offend people, but so far it isn’t there. All we know is the title and that it has a drumline feature. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know that there’s anything neccesarily objectionable about this (other than their not being able to spell “experience”) It looks like they made deals with the SWAC, SIAC, and CIAA (all three conferences are predominently made of of Historically Black Colleges and Universiities), and players are able to play as one of 40 HBCUs. What exactly is controversial?

Somehow, I think that term’s not going to catch on.

If this has a drumline rhythm minigame, I’m gonna preorder DAT AZZ, NIGGA.

Dude, did you watch the trailer? “This is how WE do it, NIGGA!”

Uhh, yeah. Why do I get the feeling that this is made by white people?

Oh my GOD! VCO3’s really on to something. I just found out that there is a cable network called Black Entertainment Television! And BET Offers Another Season Of Black College Football

Duck everybody! The shits about to hit the fan!
And I bet it’s white people behind BET, too!

Yeah, I don’t think so either. The first few times I read it, I thought the company was creatively spelling “New Jersey.”


I did watch the trailer, but I had the sound off.

Considering that all four of the founders of the company are graduates of HBCUs, and the only other product they’re listing on their website is a documentary video about HBCUs, and that their mission statement is:

And that, you can see a picture of Jacqueline Beauchamp, the CEO of the company, here (second photo):

I doubt it.

Considering how little there actually is in the trailer and the one thing that is of any substance is in fact pretty ridiculous (VCO3’s quote) I also wonder if this game will cause some hullaballoo.

Well, it is now: BET was founded by black businessman Robert Johnson, but is currently owned by Viacom, run by the white Jewish Sumner Redstone. (His religion has nothing to do with it, of course, but when I read that, it reminded me of the old conspiracy theory that the Jews run Hollywood.)
ETA: At first, I thought Nerjyzed was pronounced “ner-jyzed.” It just took me until now to figure out that it’s a “ghetto”/“funky” spelling of “energized.” It turns out the company is run by a black woman, Jacqueline Beauchamp.

This might give you a clue, white bread:
Juvenile - Shake Dat Azz lyrics

Kick ass drum line in the trailer, not the same song, but I did say it was just a hint.

And honestly man, VCO’s comments are almost implying that he is shocked. SHOCKED I SAY! that historically black colleges might graduate a few computer programmers that are fans of their alma maters.

Oh Fuck, I forgot about that. ::chuckle::

Damn Viacom. Getting as bad as Disney. I remember thinking when the Disney launched its cruise ship line “great, the mouse has got a Navy. That rat bastard is going to start taking over third world countries now”.

Based upon the comments in the OP and in the link:

…there are a lot of nerds out there who need to get out of the basement…yard…neighborhood…city. That thread is a spectacular display of ignorance regarding Historically Black Colleges.

I just want to know if the halftime battle will help to swing the momentum. Because everyone knows that if you win the battle of the bands, then your school is the top dog. Because that’s what the Cotton Bowl Classic is all about.

I think you’re talking about the “Al Lipscomb State Fair Classic” - The Cotton Bowl Classic is the game played on New Years Day.

What’s the problem, exactly?

HBCUs (which, by the way, have never discriminated against White students in a de jure or de facto manner) have a unique heritage - some of which is manifested in the battle of the bands. Some smart entrepreneur figured out that HBCU grads/football fans might be interested, and markets a game towards those folks. So?

And as the Monkey points out, a Black athlete does not equal an HBCU athlete, necessarily. Hell, some White folk went and got degrees from HBCUs - like Harris Wofford. As I’ve noted on this board before, some HBCUs actually have more White students than Black students (see Bluefield State in West Virginia).

Wow. I wasn’t sure about the name. But the real one sucks. Let’s just call it the “Battle of the Bands” and get nerjyzed!

The only potential problem is if the game goes overboard with gangsta stereotypes. The OP believes, based on the trailer, that this is in fact the case.

The OP is getting misunderstood because there are some racist opinions down the page from the trailer. But the OP never said he agreed with the opinions in the link, and was probably just using it because it had the trailer.

The lesson is, make sure no racist comments are further down the page lest you be called a racist for linking to a trailer.

My alma mater played Grambling State last year and those bands are fan-freaking-tastic. It really is more important than the game.

I was glad I brought my son to that game so he could see the band.

We beat them 42-7, but it didn’t really matter. They had fun and entertained people.

I was so impressed with their skill and courtesy (they played us our school song with a funky beat) that I considered sending them a donation.

I love HBCUs. I like their mission, I like their sound, and I like their teams.

I now check the sports page to see how GSU is doing.