This black man with the gap tooth is keepin' it real!

I thought it was a joke.

I thought it was a satire by Aaron McGruder for The Boondocks .

But no, it’s real! Very real.

It’s the Life as a Blackman [sic] Game.

I don’t really know whether to laugh or cry.

The more I read the website for the game, the more I want to bang my head.

The game postiulates that almost nothing in life is in the control of a black person. For example, if you are in Black University, you pull up a card that says “Creative, Athletic Only: You are expelled from school because of bad grades. Go to Ghetto.” , you are sent packing to the slums. (Before I go further, there are three character types you can be in the game – which are determined by the roll of the dice: Intellectual, Creative, and Athletic. In the preceding example, if an “intellectual” pulls this card up, he can ignore it, however if you’re “athletic” or “creative,” tough!) Implicit in this game is the assumption that at University, grades aren’t determined by how hard you study, but by the capricous whim of fate.

There are racism cards, crime cards (I wonder if you are compelled to commit these crimes if you are of a certain personality type, like in the above college example).

Man, I’m still can’t come through with the right words to express myself. Should I mock this, get angry, or cry?

One of the game rules (check the FAQ) – All paychecks, transportation, and punishments are given out by the government.

You see, that’s a sterotype, or a set-up to a punchline. I don’t know where to take this. This is too absurd to be serious, yet the creator is as serious as a heart-attack. He wants this game to be used in schools.

I give up now. I’ll let someone else make a pit rant about this.

This is so the white people can see how it is to be black. And of course being black in this country means you are one big ole gangstarapa, welfare cheating, poor-victim-of-the-man, fast-running, basketball playing stereotype.
So, the kids will play this in school and learn all the stereotypes in one sitting. It’s fun and educational. Will people actually fall for this?

LOL!!! Well, it don’t get much better than this. Still, this game isn’t doing anything that some movies, television shows, marketing angles in the music industry, and heaven only knows what else generally is doing. It really is a shame that the folks what worked so hard coming up with this gem couldn’t expend just a lil’ mo’ energy and devise a game or two that strives to teach children and adults of all ages something substantive about black history and culture. [sigh]

Well, the only positive thing I can see coming from folks playing this game is if they question why the roles that the brothers can play are so limited. And if they’re really smart, [giggle] how long will it take folks to wonder if one really has to pay $29.95 to reach that particular level of inquiry?

Play ball! :wink:

Sterling, the first time you showed me this, I couldn’t believe it, now I just wonder who the hell would but the friggin thing.

I wanna be the government! Please please please…

I heard about this game briefly in a news story. I hadn’t really bothered to pay attention, so I didn’t really know how the game worked.

On the plus side, you’ve managed to drive me to hysterics with your thread title.

When I fist saw the thread title I just knew this post would be about Too Short.

As to the game, I find it funny in a tragic sort of way.

Hopefully this will unite people of all races in apathy towards said crappy game.

Now for something compeltly off-topic:

[Simpsons geek checking in]

Stuffy from your sig you got it a bit wrong it goes like this:

“Goodness! I had no idea! For you see, I have been on Mars for the past decade, in a cave with my eyes shut, and my fingers in my ears.”

That is if you are quoting Cecil Terwilliger (Sideshow Bob’s brother) from The Simpsons. If you are not, sorry.

[Simpsons geek checking out]

BTW as a young black man I am offended by the game, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc.

Hush! If word of this gets out, my sister will be playing it in her history class next month. (This month they are role-playing the effects of racism on a small imaginary town. She’s been cast as the crochety old poor white man who hates all black people. Sigh. And where is history in this history class?)

Depends. Is it History or Social Studies? And even if it is really History, they could be doing the Civil Rights Movement this month.

I’m not defending them unconditionally, just noting that there could be many different reasons for this beyond some sort of “PC gone mad” thing.


My god, I was looking through the rules, this is some of the worst game design ever. There is no reason why a board game should require that many dice, and that whole thing about rolling the 4 sider repeatedly and keeping count of how many times you’ve rolled it, etc…I’ve played GURPS and I found that part confusing.

Ever seince I’ve made your acquaintance, I was thinking that you reminded me of Ferris Beuler. Don’t know why

I think it’s clever, a bit sad, but clever. I’d like to play it sometime.

You can take the concept of the game as sarcasm. I mean hey, how realistic is MONOPOLY?

Yeah, but how many people are suggesting that Monopoly be played in school to show children of all economic backgrounds how the economy really works?

united in apathy?



<the hijack continues>

Thanks fellow Simpsons geek. I knew it wasn’t exactly right but that’s exactly who I was quoting.