New washing machine makes squeaky sound

New washing machine (Maytag, non-HE, agitator) was delivered yesterday. I did 2 loads, and the agitator makes a duck like noise. No noise during the fill and spin cycle though. It’s not a grinding noise, it sounds like a quack. (I checked, an no duck is hiding in the machine). I do have the 5 year extended warranty and obviously it’s still under manufacturer’s warranty. Do washing machines need a “break-in” period to loosen things up? Or should I continue to let this drive me crazy until I call Lowe’s for a service call?

I’d call them now. No matter when you call them, I’d say “It just started yesterday”. You don’t want to say “It’s been happening for 3 weeks” and find that you violated some part of the warranty because the squeaking was just a symptom of bad tensioner or incorrect belt which ended up burning out the motor.

Never mind how to fix it, the real question is “does it echo?”

Yes, call Lowe’s.

Called Lowe’s and she agreed there should be no duck like sounds. I am getting a new one delivered sometime next week because of course they don’t have any in stock. At least I’m caught up on my wash.