New Watch

Hey, I just got a new watch, I had been in need of a watch for some time since the last one got crushed on my arm. It was a cheapie Casio, so today I got myself a nice stainless steel Luminox dive watch. Its quite nice, with a carbon fiber bezel, swiss action, hardend mineral crystal, stainless strap and body all waterproof, and rather pricy.

The best part though is that glows in the dark. The hands and hour markers have Tritium lamps. Yes, thats right, Fnord has a radioactive watch! guarnateed to glow for 10 years. Its a BETA emitter so I wont be devloping cancer from it.

Well thats all, just thought I would share.

:eek: :eek:

Uh … mind sharing a little bit more, fnord1966? Please?

I work at Circuit City in the warehouse, I accedentally droped a 25 cubic foot refridgerator on my arm, it broke my watch I was ok.


I have a new watch, too! My computer can talk to it and put phone numbers and such into it.