New Weights & Measures

The unit of measurement of laryngitis is
1 hoarsepower

The ratio of an igloo’s circumference to it’s diameter =
Eskimo pi

The time between slipping on a peel and hitting the pavement =
1 bananasecond

Half of a large intestine =
1 semicolon

2000 mockingbirds =
2 kilo-mockingbirds

Eight quarts of water diplaced by diver Greg Louganis =
1 Gregory peck

In grade school, we would chant that it’s 20 quires to a ream and 20 reams to a queer. I have no idea what that means :smiley:

1 degree of hearing loss =
1 What?

Each level of progression in meditation =
1 Oooohhhhmmmm

Unit of measure for treasure haul by Spanish pirates =
Piles per Galleon

Rankings for chain saw killers are determined by -
Parts per Villain

Expulsion of gas by office mate =
1 Cubic Poot

Out of fashion swing dance attire =
1 Square Zoot