New Year's Eve and wedding pictures

I am a firm believer in the picture=1000 words concept, so evidence of my Vegas excursion can be found here.

Kindly disregard any signs of NYE inebriation.

Hey! Great pictures! Looks like you had fun!

Awesome pictures, hardcore. You guys obviously had a ball.

Perhaps you would like to explain why I wasn’t invited.

Sig? We don’t need no stinkin’ sig!

Great pics…what a way to go. Congratulations

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Thanks, guys! As you can see, we indeed had a lot of fun. And those are just the pictures that are fit to post! :smiley:

Wally, you didn’t get your invitation? Musta been some sorta y2k glitch. um, yeah, that’s the ticket…

Holy cow, look at those women!!

Er, I mean… attractive friends and family you have there, hardcore.


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They are rather bewitching… and single, except for my wife, of course. Loads of fun whenever we go out.