New Years in Omaha, NE

I will be in the process of relocating my self across this great nation on New Year’s Eve this year. I will most likely find myself in Omaha, NE on the evening of the 31st. People tell me that Omaha is actually a fairly nice city of culture, music, and reasonably interesting things to do.

Where in Omaha should I stay to be closest to the greatest number of interesting activities? Does anyone have any specific suggestions for what to do in Omaha or on New Year’s in Omaha in particular?

Go down to the Old Market, lots of shops, resturants, bars, etc.

Forgot, Old Market is in the heart of dowtown Omaha, several hotels in the area also, (Marriot, Holiday Inn, etc)

Old Market is nice. It’s like a compact version of South Street. (Okay, I haven’t been to South Street in 20 years, damn I miss cheesesteaks.)

Omaha’s Old Market is about 2-3 blocks long, and crammed full of decent restaurants, bars and shoppes. Surrounding those two blocks are some other restaurants and bars and such.

Upstream is a brewery/restaurant in the Old Market. Should be a decent place to be on New Years.

Oh, and book your hotel ahead of time.

I’ve heard many good things about The Magnolia hotel in the Old Market. The Hilton Downtownis within walking distance from the Old Market (well, it might be really cold, but on a regular winter’s night it’s do-able).

What do you like to do? Do you want to go to a bar? A nice restaurant? A bash? What’s your age range?