New Year's Resolution on Behalf of Politicians, the Media, Etc.

George Dubya Bush

  1. I will keep my foot out of my mmmmfgggh.

Dick Cheney

  1. I will get laid and not think about torture so much.

Democratic Congressmen

  1. We will continue to nurture and grow those spines that started growing in 2005.

American media

  1. We will try to avoid the species of false equivalence that consists of thinking that if we present two people on opposite sides of issue, that we have presented an objective account of that issue – even if one side is lying its ass off by any objective standard, and the other side is telling the truth by any objective standard. If we don’t challenge obvious, verifiable falsehoods, we are NOT doing our jobs.

I’ll be along with more later.

Evil Captor -

  1. I will keep my stupid rants in the Pit.

Shodan -

  1. I will eschew Junior Modding.

Considering your username and many of your posts, are you sure those aren’t mutually exclusive?