New York City Chinese Restaurant I'm Trying to Find

Back in the mid 1990s in NYC, somewhere between Lexington Ave and probably 2nd Ave, and between E 46th St and probably E 52nd St, was your basic Chinese restaurant. It was on the west side of whatever avenue it was on, and along the right wall as you walked in was a bar with around 15 stools, the kind with the round seats that spin, and the stools attached to the floor. About halfway down the bar, you could see into an open kitchen as your food was being prepared. And then further into the restaurant as I remember it, was the area where the host would seat groups in the back.

Is anyone familiar with this restaurant, and know if it still exists?

The only one I see on Google Maps, because I don’t go to that part of the city very often, is Jef Chinese, and I highly doubt that’s been around since the '90s. :smiley:

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Could it bee the Shun Lee Dynasty (2nd Ave. & 48th St.), or the Hunam (2nd Ave. & 45th St.)? Not sure how long either of these existed.

If you can locate a city directory with the street listings it is a matter of checking the streets you want. Fairly good chance some are online for the years you need.