New York City public school names

In plenty of tv shows and movies, I’ve seen New York City public schools with numbers, like PS 105. I can understand the numbering system due to the large number of schools in the city. My question is, do these schools also have names used by the students and faculty? For example, PS 105 AKA Ed Koch Jr. High?

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Yes, the schools have names. For example, my elementary school, PS* 321, was “William Penn Elementary.” Nobody uses them though. When you get up to the high school level, names, rather than numbers are used.

PS = Public School. Other abbreviations include:
IS = Intermediate School (usually grades 6,7,8)
JHS = Junior HIgh School (usually grades 6,7,8,9)

VS. “DeWitt Clinton High School” “(Peter) Stuyvesant High School” “Midwood High School” etc.

I went to elementary through high schools in Queens NY in the mid 50’s. I went to PS 130, don’t think it had any other name. Then I went to JHS 158 (?) which was also Madame Curie JHS. Don’t remember using anything other than the JHS 158 name. For high school I went to Bayside HS which had no number. Course a LOT can happen in 40 years so I cannot say whether it’s the same now or not.

I went to PS 26 in the late seventies and it had no other name the first two years I attended. It had its named change my third year to honor some dead sailor. The students still refered to it as PS 26 but it had an official name after that point.

Upon flipping through the QED State School Guide for New York, it’s readily apparent that most NYC area schools have both a name and a number. However, some of them have just a number (both older and newer schools, so no pattern there).

At work, I’ve heard people use the number, then the name for clarification purposes. New Jersey also has numbered schools, so it’s possible that there are, say, two PS 42s—one in NY and one in NJ.

All of the regular grade schools and intermediate and middle schools have numbers. Many of them also have names, some of which were added fairly recently( definitely within the last 20 years). The names mostly seem to be used on letterhead, as I’ve only heard people refer to them by number.

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The Buffalo City School District uses school numbers for elementary school nomenclature. The “P.S.” numbers go up to 90; there were no breaks in the consecutive numbering until a few decades ago, when the district started closing down some of older or less well attended schools. Some of these numbered schools were given names just recently, but as in NYC the number is still more commonly used.

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