New York selling the Statue of Liberty to Biloxi, Mississippi?????`

I was listening to a Biloxi radio station today and they read a press release that the city of Biloxi, Mississippi is planning to buy the Statue of Liberty from New York City to promote tourism. The press release detailed plans to disassemble the statue into 6 pieces and fly them to the Gulf Coast via helicopter. They also said that the city of New York was willing to do this to help promote tourism on the Coast which is all but gone since Hurricane Katrina. They said that it would take an act of Congress.

They had people calling in, and they all said it was a stupid idea…some said that the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of America and that it belongs where it is, and others argued that the infrastructure along the Coast couldn’t support the number of tourists it would draw, especially with US 90 still closed in some places.

I tried Googling this and couldn’t find anything which triggered my bullshit indicator, so I figured someone here may have heard something about it.

Is this just a new urban legend? (Snopes doesn’t have anything about it as of now)

Sounds to me like not so much an “urban legend” as a “radio DJ prank”.

The title of the thread wasn’t enough?

We now have quantitative proof of how far Mississippi is behind the times - exactly 86 days.

STATUE OF LIBERTY National Monument is a unit of the National Park System owned by the people of the United States and administered by the National Park Service of the Department of the Interior.

I don’t see anything about the Feds first selling the statue to the city of New York, so that they could sell it to Biloxi.

I’m sure the sellers agreed to throw in the Brooklyn Bridge for free, too.

I’m voting “radio deejay prank” on this one.

That makes 156 tons of metal. 156 divided by 6 = 26. So each piece would be 26 tons.

I know next to nothing about helicopters, but a quick trip through Google turned up the CH-47 Chinook, which has a carrying capacity of–if I’m reading this right–20,000 lbs, or 10 tons.

So they’d need to cut it up into smaller chunks.

If it was even for sale, which National Monuments normally aren’t, acts of Congress notwithstanding.

Guess your local deejay’s entitled to a fairly large “gotcha”. :smiley:

I hear Fresno put in a bid for Mount Rushmore.

OK, that does it.

Florida is the first state I’m giving back. Mississippi is the second.

Moving the Statue of Liberty! :smack:


Yeah? Well, listen bub, Fresno is paying for that one itself. I am not gonna let Aaah-nold raise my taxes so that Fresno can put a bunch of Dead Presidents in its back yard. :dubious:

And just so you know, even Mt. Rushmore is not gonna improve Fresno. I grant you, it’s not as bad as Lodi, and the climate is better (slightly) than Bakersfield, but it’s got a long way to go before one mountain makes much of a difference. :smiley:

And the Grand Canyon is being disassembled and shipped to Long Island.

They are 27 years too late.

Lady Liberty was moved back in 1979 to the University of Wisconsin.

The statue in New York Harbor is a fake.

Haha. The Statue of Liberty actually belongs to New Jersey just like Ellis Island.


It could be that the DJ’s got a few details wrong and *this * is the monument moving to Biloxi:

Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty are within the territory of the State of New York, however, the land is owned by the federal government.

In the case of Ellis Island, the original part of the island is within New York, and the landfill area is in New Jersey, as finally decided by the Supreme Court in 1998.


Um, there’s a landfill on Ellis island?

That is to say, much of the island was created by landfill (i.e., dirt and rocks) dumped there from excavations.

Shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve got dozens more credulous red states left.

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Your bullshit meter should have exploded. I do not thinks snopes is big on covering bad jokes that are not even slightly realistic or correct in their facts. :wink: