Where is the Statue of Liberty?

Maybe David Copperfield put it back in the wrong spot, but everything about NYC suggests it is IN the state of NY! I swear I was always taught it is in NY! But, is it really within the borders of NJ??? - Jinx

No it’s part of NYC & NYS. Who sez different?

Well the National Park Service page www.nps.gov/stli/ indicates that the address is:

Liberty Island
New York, NY 10004

But I recall hearing that there is/was a dispute between NY and NJ regarding in which state the statue resides.

Well, truth be told, yes the SOL and Liberty Island are “within the territorial boundaries of NJ.” But they still belong to NYS & NYC.

But all of that is sort of moot because they are a national monument. And Uncle Sam is the big dog.

yakboy, the island in dispute is Ellis Island, which the Supreme Court ruled was part (the old part) NY and part (the newer landfilled part) NJ.


and http://www.holysmoke.org/w001/007.htm


The res of the article is www.glasssteelandstone.com/US/NY/NewYorkStatueofLiberty.html+statue+of+liberty+new+jersey+or+new+york&hl=en&ie=UTF-8]here.

it’s not really a moot point. As I understand the dispute (off the top of my head so I’m open to correction). . .

There was a recent court case over the legal location of Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Apparently, one or both were originally part of NY but were expanded with landfill which extended them into the boundaries of New Jersey.

Why does anybody care? Well, they are areas of heavy tourist trade and a significant amount of dollars are spent on gifts, refreshments and souveniers. That means sales tax dollars! Again, money rules everthing and if a state can get those dollars away from another state . . . Yippee, free money!!!

I think the Federal court ruled in favor of New York but I could be wrong.

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They answer that in the article as well.

My information may be out of date on this, but this is what I remember as part of the 'controversy". There was restoration work done a few years ago on the statue. The workmen built a footbridge to take them from Liberty Park, in NJ, to the statue every day - a distance of maybe 1/4 miles. The State of NY wanted the bridge destroyed after the work was done so that the only way tourists could get to the Statue of Libery was by taking a boat from Manhattan.

One of the things that is interesting about this case is that disputes between states is one of the very few instances when the U.S. Supreme Court has original jurisdiction.

Right you are, King Rat.

(Article III Section 2.)

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I don’t know about any foot bridge, but I can tell you that you can get to both Ellis Island the the Lady by boat from New Jersey, as I have taken that ride. IIRC (it’s been 11 years) you take the NJ turnpike to about exit 14 and to east to Liberty(?) park and catch the boat.