New Zealand Dopers--Help please?

A few years ago, I had a friend who was from New Zealand, living in Canada. When she got depressed and drunk, she would play some mix tapes of NZ music. One song in particular is stuck in my head, and I have not had luck trying to find it. I only remember the line “Drink yourself some Bliss” (I think other lines of the song it was rendered as “piss”) Apparently its from quite a quintessential NZ band. I can remember neither band nor song, but would love to find it again.


Is this the song:

It’s “Bliss”, a 70’s classic by Th’ Dudes, with Dave Dobbyn as the singer. It’s available on any number of compilations, but yer best bet is the on NZ rock compilation/overview Nature’s Best {Volume Two, from memory}. Classic Kiwi drinking song, although the lyrics are actually anti-drinking {and I always intentionally mishear “Drink yourself more bliss” as “Drink yourself to death”}. Forget about the last one, have yaself another…

Yes,that is it. M uch thanks!

Ah yes. It’s not a classic Kiwi pub song unless it has lyrics like:

“Yaahhh! Yah! Yah! Yah! Yahh!”

Although I though it was more of a “Nar” than “yah” myself.

During concerts of course, it was “Drink yourself more piss.”

Good times :smiley:

I always thought it went more along the lines of:


I always thought it was “Sink yourself more piss”.

Well Im happy now, I found some youtube videos and heard the song again. Good memories, of a friend now gone back home… and some drinking days. She was homesick, and my marriage was falling apart but at least we had Th’Dudes.

Thanks again, so much.