Newbie (hi)

Hey hey ppl im a newbie and i just wanted to say hi!

i think this site is pretty cool, if u wanna say hi then hit me bk!




Ouch. But welcome, nonetheless.

Ouch? confusion sorry i dont understand…

So keira how you doin? :smiley:
Gotta get 'em while they’re new :wink:

I believe the ouch refers to your use of chatroom-speak. People on these boards use standard English most of the time.

Welcome to our sandbox! We are mostly fun, friendly folks. Read lots of threads and you’ll get a feel for the place.

Haha whats that supposed to mean, and im peachy btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooh sorry i didnt realise, ill talk normally then. Thanks for the nice welcome !

Welcome to the boards, Keira

Thanks! :smiley:
The only thing is that im on temporary sign up until the 8th july :frowning:

But ill try and talk on here as much as i can until then.

Just for the sake of clarity, Blonde Keira (yes, I am an old curmudgeon, despite what anyone else may tell you;)), here’s a version of your OP that would have been less “chat room”-like and more “message board”-like:

Hey folks, I’m a newbie and wanted to say hi!

I think this site is pretty cool; if you want to say hi then hit me back!




PS. You can post here after July 8, but you hafta pay. This would be a good time to get all those GQ posts in;)

Welcome, doll. I’m not into violence, so I won’t hit you. Take your time. Wander 'round the grounds. If you’re cool enough, you’ll sign up for real.

Haha thanks, sorry about the way i typed my first post, im used to shortening words and stuff because i use chatrooms quite alot.

Anyways thanks to everyone for welcoming me.

You all seem like very cool people ;j

Oh ya and if you’re wondering what i look like or whatever then i have a profile at

Thanks for listening to me waffle on , hope everyone has a great day

It’s standard Straight Dope flirting etiquette! Since your beauty is obviously without limit, you may as well get used to it :wink:

Keira, darling, baby, sweetie, honey, blah blah blah. I have never seen the word “waffle” used a verb.

Oh, that’s right.


Awww thats so sweet, thank you!
And i can be a flirt sometimes too so watch out :wink:

Wow. Jeez. You’re super hot. Woo.

Happy now?

Gee, Bruce, don’t be harsh on the girl. If 18-year-old blonde chicks want to flaunt themselves to total strangers, then let the record show that I’ll not stand in their way :smiley:

ok well im basically wondering why your being such an asshole about this, i only posted my pic because it has a profile and i cant access any profiles on here because im on a temporary sign up and it wont let me ok?


Yes, excellent picture Blonde Keira. You’re a cutie! Enjoy the SDMB, tons of info for all kinds of stuff.

Sorry darling, had a long day/week and I’m a bit grumpy. Popeye needs his spinach and all that. I thought it was odd for a young girl to run into room of strangers and drop her clothes, obviously fishing for complements. Nevertheless, most of us took off slow*, so just take your time. And the shift key is your friend.

*That being said, this is one of the best running starts I’ve seen.