Hey everyone, yes I am a new loser newbie, how is everyone doing?

not gniessly, but schist happens

My advice to the newbie: You need to get Britney Spears and your sister’s friends out of you mind and concentrate on you.

I am just seeing whats going on in the forums :slight_smile:

Hi, how ya doin?

Since this is the pit: Fuck off.

that “since this is the pit” thing didn’t get old a few years ago, did it? Please tell me it didn’t…)

Hello im new too nice place you have here happy to be around people almost as strange as me :smiley: Im sure I’ll be seeing you all around

What the Fuck is a “Howdy” doing in the pit? Don’t you know even the most basic rules, shit for brains?

Maybe one of those fuckin Mods moved it here? The’re always jerking my GD threads into IMHO and vice versa. Like you can have a debate without an opinion!



As hard as it can be to keep yourself from pushing that “post” button, why don’t you wait until you actually have something to say, other than “how is everyone doing”? And better yet, why don’t you check out what each of the forums is actually about. This isn’t the “Let’s get to know each other” forum. This is the BBQ pit and it has a purpose. It is for ranting. If you don’t know what that is, hopefully this is a good example of a rant.

You see, your post should have been in "Mundane Pointless Shit/stuff I Must Share. That is what “How are you all doing”? classifies as, IMHO. Yet, instead of reading the rules of the forums, you just chose to pick the first fucking thing you saw. Open your eyes next time.

There, hope that cleared things up for you. Oh, and welcome to the boards.

Shear off, you slithering reptile! I was in a good mood until I saw this digusting thread.

Fark you, you corksucking icehole!
PS. Email me your credit card numbers.


[celestina tiptoes into this thread.]

Psst, Proteus Meridius & Nosferatu, don’t y’all mind these folks too much. From what little I’ve seen they’re nice, and the Pit doesn’t have to be all cussin’ and carryin’ on like they make it out to be. If you want to have a “Howdy” thread here, you just go right ahead. I believe that folks can and should spread love and warmth even in the Pit, and I make every effort I can to do so. Of course if you do fuck up on the boards, folks will call you out and cuss you to kingdom come here. [giggle] Welcome to the boards! :slight_smile:

[celestina tiptoes out of this thread.]

Mmmmmm Fresh Meat…
Anyone want to start a pool on how long it’ll take us to make them cry?

Payoff can be in beer at Chidope

Since you ask: that “since this is the pit” thing got very old many years ago.

Just so’s we’re all singing from the same slideshow.


I think that should be Hey everyone, yes I am a (new) newbie loser, how is everyone doing?

Hi. I’m a newbie, too. Who is this Cecil person, anyway?

i hear Cecil is really Bill Clinton! That’s why you never see them in the same room together!!!

Ok, I am an oldie (at least for you) so I can do this:

What kind of a name is proteus something? Do you think you are funny… YOU ARE NOT. Log the fuck out, change your fucking name and DON’T LONG IN EVER AGAIN. Chau


It’s ciao, dickweed. He can also long in all day, but perhaps he would re-think logging back in.

But thanks for playing. Now run along before the grammar police get here and flay the hide off your newbie scrotum.


This thread should not have been started in the Pit. Therefore, I’m closing it.

For the Straight Dope