News about tatertot

OK, I spend a good half hour on the phone with tatertot (Tracy) this morning. She’s doing fine, and coping really well - given the circumstances.

A few short remarks, though.

If you see her online on your ICQ panel: that’s not her. She doesn’t currently have Internet access from home, where her ICQ is installed. For similar reasons, don’t send her any e-mail unless you’ve JUST received one from her, and you’re absolutely positive it IS her (verify with friends if necessary). See, someone’s been really creative with her passwords as of late. :rolleyes:
She sends her regards to all of you out there worrying about her. She especially apologises for not being able to make it to AmsterDope. But at the time, it’s the right and rational decision to make, given the circumstances and the near-future developments.

I’ll be keeping in touch with her, and she promised the same. Hang in there Tracy, it was good talking to you.

Thanks, Coldy! Please keep us updated as often as possible!!

Good luck, tater!! Get in touch with us when you can!

Good luck tater, we miss you around here. I hope everything works out for the best for you.

Thanks Coldy, keep us posted will you?

Thanks Coldy.

Thanks, Coldfire. Of course I hear this the day AFTER sending her an enormous email. But like usual, 99% of it was about me. :smiley:

Message recieved and understood. Thanks.

Thinking good thoughts for you Trace. :slight_smile:

some one masquerading as a tater??? I’m shocked! (better not much with my toaster, I say…) send her my regards, please

Bumping this up, Coldy, because I almost missed it and I don’t want anyone else to.

Thanks Coldie.

I sent her an email inviting her to stay in my hotel room free of charge (it has to be paid for anyway). I also invited her to get away from things and come wander around Europe the 4 weeks that I will be there.

I also sent her an e-card.

I don’t know if she got these, so will you please relay the message if you talk to her? Tell her that cost isn’t something she needs to worry about and sometimes just getting away from things for a while does wonders. Ask her to e-mail me when she gets a chance.


Thanks, Coldfire. If you’re in contact with her again, make sure to let her know we’re thinking about her.

Aye, aye.

Give her my love, please, Coldfire.


Thanks for the update, ColdFire.

Best of luck and a speedy return, tater.

Thank you for letting us know Coldfire, and please give Tator my best. I miss her

Tell Tater I miss her and I am looking forward to her proof-of-identity questions… :wink:


Um, proof of identity…wow, this is difficult, I’ve never had to prove that I was me before. It usually just goes without saying, ya know?

Coldfire, it was good talking to you on the phone on Friday, except the part where I walked past the construction and couldn’t hear you. Is that proof enough? :smiley:

Sorry everyone for not emailing this week, I was incredibly sick and couldn’t make it out of bed. Then my SIM card was damaged so, not only can I not make calls, I can’t get into my phone to get numbers or messages. :frowning:

I’m still going to be pretty on and off again for the next month or two, but you seem to be managing without me. Pout. :wink:

For the people who already know the details, I will be emailing you shortly with more.

You know things will work out, they always manage to. Maybe not in the way we would have liked, but 98% of the time everyone survives.

Talk soon. Much Love.


tater I seriously object to the characertization that we’re doing fine w/o you.

I haven’t had toast in ages ! :smiley:

good to know you’re still you, will look forward to hearing more from you when situations permit.

Dang, now I really feel like the 5-year-old sitting at the adult table during Thanksgiving. Everything is going right over my head.

Oh well, not knowing everything is just part of life

Whatever’s going on, I hope it all works out for you in the best way possible, tater. Without you around my curmodgeon instincts are losing their razor’s edge.

Good luck.

Take care, tatertot. :slight_smile:

Take care, tatertot. :slight_smile:

(Thanks, Coldfire.)