news article explains ow hbo shareholders could sue for damages over GOT season "fiasco"

Anyone who does should be sentenced to 10 years of nothing but reality TV and Who Wants to be a Millionaire reruns.

This all seems like more over-sensitive entitled nerds having a tantrum, just as they did with The Last Jedi and Solo and also the 13th Doctor Who. This nonsense has to stop, it’s gone way past ridiculous. They’ve inferred their actions have made a difference, when they just don’t understand how little impact they really can have on what is a complex industry used to rallying after subtle economic shifts.

Any attorney that would seriously present this argument would be laughed out of court and rightly disbarred.

This times a thousand.

Jeez, I’m starting to feel like the only person on the planet who was quite satisfied with the finale.

You left out Star Wars episodes 1-3 , people are still throwing tantrums over those 20 years later

As I said about the petition:

I’m still waiting for the crowd of dorks cosplaying Jon Snow to picket HBO headquarters.

Regardless of the quality of the final season I’m quite confident HBO has made a killing off of GoT over the course of the series.

Why would shareholders give a damn if the quality is down while revenues and interest remains high?

Your honor, the shareholders demand Ford bring back the Crown Vic!

Break me off a fucking piece of that KitKat Bar.

HBO’s defense: Here’s the ratings.


Yeah, two things…

First, that’s just fanboy whining nonsense. It’s the complaints of overgrown children demanding they get what they want when they want it and making empty threats that only highlight their powerlessness and impotence. Anyone promulgating it should be deeply ashamed.

Second, who the hell is Brent Arends? He’s a ‘marketwatch columnist’. Good for him, he’s a journalist. But he’s neither an attorney nor a media expert. His opinion on the matter holds as much weight as my cats does.

Caveat emptor, baby.

Next up: a lawsuit to force GRRM to finish the books, which must contain a foreward saying, “the end of the TV series is not canon.”


Toxic fandom is reaching such idiotic levels that I don’t even know what the hell to say anymore.

Yup; it’s why I stopped hanging out in Star Wars fan forums a few years ago. I’d love to be able to have conversations with other fans about Star wars (or the MCU, or whatever), but it all now amounts to endless threads about “This is how Disney / HBO / whoever got it WRONG!!!”

Well, Lionel Hutz did suethe makers of ‘The Never Ending Story’ for false advertising, and this idea has a broadly similar level of cartoonish stupidity about it.

That’s an opinion, not a news article.


So even though it’s ridiculous to sue over the Game of Thrones finale, would it be possible to make a misfire so bad that a lawsuit would be proper? Is an artistic decision always insulated from judgement in ways that other business decisions are not? Would they have a case if the finale ended with Bran waking up and discovering it was all a dream, or that it’s all a tabletop RPG session? Or filming the whole thing in someone’s backyard on a 1980s camcorder and improvising all the dialogue?

Good god no. A lawsuit is not the answer to everything. The finale could have been a naked Bronn drunkenly singing, “Fuck you dorks!” for an hour, and your recourse is to cancel your HBO subscription. If you’re a stockholder, you can sell your stock.

I’m not a huge believer in the invisible hand of the marketplace, but this is basically what the invisible hand was designed for. The courts shouldn’t be involved.

I think you’d have to somehow prove that they’d made deliberately bad decisions with the specific intent of tanking the show, and even then, there’d probably have to be some other criminal element, like they were trying to manipulate HBO’s stock price, or they were embezzling production money.