game of thrones redo season 8 petition

ok apparently this season has pissed so many people off (especially after last Sunday’s episode ) that this is a thing:

My question is are people that disappointed in it?

And just say in the snowballs offchance in hell its taken seriously would happen? something like what happened with the mass effect ending … just a couple of ps’s saying " here’s our explanation of what happened ?"
not to mention of the "your show sucks here’s how we really want it " aspect of it …the future would be “choose your own adventures until you get one you like”

Nope, this is it, take it or leave it. Hopefully the remake in twenty years will do a better job. And maybe they’ll have a complete series of books to work from.

Also, while there are quite a few things I would have done differently, I think this season is probably more entertaining that the last two.

This show is getting so bashed this year, it is almost becoming underrated. Yeah, I actually have issues with it, but it is not as bad as some endings out there.

I’ll bet that a lot of people would like to see it done differently, but in diametrically opposed ways to one another. People would hate versions proposed by others just as much or more than they hate this one.

Frankly, a lot of people have proposed changes to episodes in the other threads, and while I agree with some of them, the vast majority would be far worse than what we’ve actually seen.

This is what happens when Art is treated like a product. “This show is not to my liking, I’d like to speak to the manager and have it redone.”

Your original post in the show thread was #597. Did you not read the 596 posts preceding it? At least 500 of them were somewhere between underwhelmed and boiling with rage, with many, many posts calling out the writers’ stupidity.

So, yeah, I’d call the overall response disappointment.

Where are you reading that you see any other reaction?

well, i knew people here mostly didn’t care for the episode but I was wondering about the season as a whole and the “thousands” who signed the petition …

wow 170000 people have signed the petition… This could potentially ruin the two writers reputation imo.
We are looking at it as a joke, but im sure those two guys are not laughing and should probably start to feel worried imo.

Anyway I think people are not pissed at the outcome but rather how we got here and the only ones to blame are the producers/writers…
And they directed the last episode too, this could get even more uglier imo.
I wonder if HBO execs are finding any of this funny…

Yeah, probably not. Not unless Martin dies of a heart attack and they V.C. Andrews the last two books. I mean, the show’s been on for what, 8 seasons? And in this time he’s managed to publish one book three months after season 1 started…

The two GoT showrunners already have a contract to make at least one new Star Wars film (and possibly a trilogy) for Lucasfilm / Disney.

This, too.

It is quite obvious that the showrunners stopped caring and just wanted to wrap it up as soon as possible so they could earn some big DisneyBucks with Star Wars. The coffee cup, the countless inaccuracies (Gendry Rivers/them thinking Dickon Tarly is the older brother etc), the incomplete and unsatisfying character arcs, etc… it’s all clear as day.

It is a shame and upsetting for anyone who got invested in the show, especially given how high the bar was set.

The petition is catharsis, nothing more.

Same for me. I actually think that many of the story decisions were good ones, forming the backbone of an entertaining and surprising narrative, but they were mostly let down by a rushed execution. I still, with one episode left, can’t predict with any confidence what’s going to happen. More so, I’m not even sure what I want to happen!

I mean, did they have so little faith in their own writing that they concluded they’d have to wrap it up quickly, lest the show loose too many fans to attrition? What was the thinking there? I don’t think they’d need to worry about cancellation; Walking Dead has spent entire seasons being worse than GoT is now, and is still going strong.

Agree completely.
I think if you just listed out the events, and twists of the different seasons, someone who had not seen GoT would be unable to notice any decline in writing in the later seasons from the earlier ones.
It’s all in how rushed everything feels now, and how characters not only act out of character but their reasons for doing so are not sufficiently set up.

And look at things like the White Walkers: they minced around menacingly and now they’re gone.
There was potential there for anything: interesting motivations, subtext, unanswered questions. It was dropped like a brick and many threads have been like that.

Also agree.
I feel bad for the writers though, in that writing a satisfying ending seems almost impossible at this point. And that’s not only their fault: JRR is better at world-building than making it reach some conclusion.
Mega props if they can somehow do it.

That is…not obvious.

I wish I could believe that this petition comprised Peak Fanboy Whining, but it probably won’t even be the whiniest fanboy nonsense on the Internet today.

Of course it is. For the reasons listed and because HBO wanted another season, and at the very least a full 10 episode season 8, but D&D turned it down. They’ve been clear that they’re ready to move on; show and fans be damned.

I find this so funny. What, exactly, were they expecting instead?

The whole series is about the mechanizations and struggles for power. Heck, the name, “Game of Thrones”, is kind of a big hint in and of itself. Did they expect everyone to hold hands, sing Kumbaya, and live happily ever after? Did they expect a peaceful compromise and a sharing of power amongst the antagonists?

As the Highlander said, “In the end, there can be only one!”

They said there wasn’t enough story to merit more episodes.

Looking back on the first 5 episodes of this final season, I’m not sure I can say they were wrong about that. How would you convert this season to 10 episodes?

We got two full episodes of all the characters coming together and reminiscing. I don’t think we need more of that.

Then we got the battle for Winterfell. I wouldn’t want that to be spread over multiple episodes. (Note: I’m assuming the same story points. If the criticism is that the NK should have been the final baddie, that’s a different discussion.)

I guess episode 8.04 could have been split into 2 or 3 episodes and then focused on the traveling of Jon and the armies, Dany and the ships, and Arya & the Hound Redux. Honestly I’d have loved that in retrospect but would probably have been unbearably impatient while watching it live.

The sack of King’s Landing could maybe be split into two episodes, maybe, but I think that might be a stretch. We haven’t yet seen what happens immediately after Dany’s turn though so how they could split that into two would be pure speculation.
Would that have made all the difference, do you think? Add in two more episodes between the battle for Winterfell and the sack of King’s Landing to show the characters traveling like earlier seasons of the show did?

Certainly they should look at the example of the show runners and writers responsible for Lost (the ending of which many people found disappointing). Their Hollywood careers ended with Lost. I think they’re teaching high school English in the Midwest someplace.

In case anyone isn’t aware (and thus missing your irony,) they’ve been quite successful since the ending of Lost.

Damon Lindelof ran the show The Leftovers on HBO and is now running the new show The Watchmen which I think premiers this summer on HBO. He also wrote and produced a Star Trek movie (Into Darkness) and Prometheus. So actually, after botching the landing on Lost he botched the Aliens prequel and then still keeps getting high profile gigs.

Who was the other guy, Carlton Cuse? He did Bates Motel, The Strain on FX, the Jack Ryan show on Amazon with Jim from The Office, etc…