News Organizations and Political Bias

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I’ve been told several times before that US news organizations tend to have a lean to one side or another. (CNN = Left while Fox News = Right). I don’t understand, though. Can someone give me an example of CNN applying their liberal slant to a news story, or of Fox giving me a biased (Unfair and Unbalanced) report?

I look for it, but I just don’t see it. I often watch CNN Headline News…will I find this biased reporting there? Which programs should I watch on these stations (not just Fox and CNN) for examples? Where can I go for the most balanced reporting?

I just need someone to point this out for me; I feel like I’m missing something, like I’m eating up all the BS and that I should be able to see through it.

I picked one news story covered on both web sites. The CNN sub-heading says:

Fox News says:

Do you see the subtle differences? Fox uses the loaded term “weapons-grade” while CNN emphasizes the point that the purpose of the equipment is still undetermined. This is a story I picked completely at random. I’m sure it’s easy to find a more clear example if you looked.

Walter Cronkite’s take on the liberal media.

I do think there is bias in many news organizations.

However, I believe most of the examples one sees can be attributed to laziness and cheap sensationalism instead of political goals.