Newscrasher, I don't get you. (SUPER DUPER LAME)


Yes, it was the beginnings of a very funny thread, but I don’t understand the point of it. Conclusion: you’re a moron.

But a famous one, apparently.

I think I’ve got it. Keanu Reeves.

I took the time to read some of newcrasher’s previous posts and it’s obvious that either he is lying in his earlier posts or he is lying about being famous. In one post he said he was some kind of driver and was complaining about not getting paid mileage. In another post he talked about a previous employer who screwed him over on some vacation time.
The Number One reason I know newcrasher is not famous: He doesn’t have a lawyer.

People are having some fun in his current thread, but some people can’t put two and two together to see that the guy is lying about being famous. Newcrasher is merrily taunting them, and they’re going, “oh please please tell us who you are.” This place is about fighting ignorance; I’m a bit shocked that some Dopers are so gullible.

I’m surprised the thread hasn’t been closed for baiting.

The thread was a pretty weak idea for a joke, but I don’t see why anyone is getting worked up over it or accusing newcrasher of being a liar. He said on the very first page (post #36) of this now-four-page thread that he wasn’t really famous, the OP was meant to be “playful”, and that he apologized for upsetting people. Later he explains again that it was all a joke. I repeat, I don’t find this joke particularly clever or amusing, but I’m surprised that so many Dopers were stupid enough to drag it out with accusations of dishonesty and demands for proof of his identity when the guy said early on that he was just kidding.

For the record, newcrasher has not admitted he is not famous. In post #36, in response to someone guessing he’s Joey Buttafuoco, newcrasher says he is not notorious. Yes, he admitted he started the thread as a bit of fun, but he did claim to be famous (specifically, the most famous Doper) and has since stated that he’s not going to reveal his identity. I consider this to be pretty jerkish behavior.

But I’m going to let it go now.

Just to clarify, I wasn’t actually suggesting he was Joey Buttafuoco. I was throwing out the idea that he might be someone who was both working class and infamous, a la Mr. Amy Fisher (the first present-day infamous average Joe that sprung to mind).

Just clearing things up in the interest of fighting ignorance and all that. :slight_smile:

Baiting’s ass.

C’mon Guin. Perspective, please.

Whomever newcrasher is, he’d likely be the one idicted for “baiting”.

oops sorry Guin, I read “this” thread, not “the” thread.


C’mon, that was my official non-election thread. That and I got to find out who wrote “The Elephant”, completely apropos of nothing. Who says these boards aren’t for fighting ignorance?

Maybe it’s this guy:

You don’t have to be independently wealthy to be famous. You can be famous and have a job.

Kitten Goes to Paris. I thought the “Joey Buffafuoco” guess was hysterical. My other favorite guess was “the guy who married Britney”.

I’ve given up on the thread, but I’m holding out a shred of hope it’s true and we find out who it is.

Here’s why. Whomever it is, he’s registered. Therefore, depending on how he paid, the Admins will know his name. Or at least billing name, and also his ISP address.

Now, he could either be someone from say, Seattle or D.C. with a friend paying to conceal his identity. Or he’s in Seattle, with a Seattle ISP with a billing address in BFE, Iowa. Still plausible.

But if the ISP is in say Carrington, ND. Well, then they’d know it’s bullshit. Unless it’s Jim Kleinsasser, also plausable since even he’d want to avoid the Viking meltdown this year.

Sorry, Dio, couldn’t resist. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

So… who is this Newscrasher you speak of? :wink:


I cheerfully played along but fuck you. Newscrasher = Dopecrasher

I have no life, so I spent the morning reading old posts. Based on the posts I started searching around the net trying to find him. No luck. But I feel like I know him quite well. (other than that recent thread that got people in a twist, he’s a pretty ok guy)

newcrasher just a note, I did this as a fun treasure hunt with no malicious intent.