I am the most famous doper...

…in the real world. I have been visiting for years and posting very infrequently. If you knew who I am, you would smile ( i think ).


uh-uh. I am.
Prove me wrong. :wink:

um… you’re…

Huey Lewis?

Darva Conger?
Patch Adams?
Erik Estrada?

Which guess is closest?

No, no no, he’s Odin’s Other Eye.

I remember a while back that someone thought Scylla was Dave Barry. But this post is too attentionwhorish for that. Perhaps **newcrasher ** is really Madonna.

Please let you be Lindsey Lohan!

No, I’m Huey Lewis… and you Jerry Lewis?

Arnie Chonko - I suspected it from the first.

Isn’t it obvious? This coincidence of timing? The liberal bias of this board?
He’s Kerry. Douchbag! whap

Hey now, people! This is it! Your opportunity to tell Ronald McDonald what you really think of him! He’s been listening!

What? What’s that? The most famous face in the world, and…He’s. Not. A. Real. Person.
Uh oh.

It must be Michael Jackson.


I can buy that.

How are you, you enormous douche? I voted for your Lurch-looking ass, by the way, so I expect your appreciation.

Well, in this thread he claims to be a Republican christian. That means he can only be…Jerry Falwell!!!

Get 'im!

Turd Sandwich.

Republican Christian?

Tucker Carlson!!! :eek:

Hey, newcrasher, ya got me to look.
In this thread, dated 03/02/2004 you say:

and then go on to complain about the raw deal your getting from your crappy little employer.

In this thread, date 03/25/2004:

followed by details.

As for your claim to fame, I call a big BULLSHIT!

Considering the name, I would guess either Billy Joel or Nick Nolte (and if you are Nick, cool! I live by you! Wanna hang out at Ralph’s sometime?).

You apparently make the mistake of thinking that I care who you think you are. You should disabuse yourself of this mishaprehention.

You’re Shepard Smith’s cabana boy?

You may be the most famous “Doper,” but that doesn’t mean you’re all that famous among the populace at large.

I think you need to let us know who you are so we can decide for ourselves.


No, I’m Kerry, and I’m a she. And I’m hardly a douchebag. Or maybe I am. Can I get some feedback on that?

The bright side of the outcome of the election is that I don’t have to hear my name for four years. I liked it when I was the only one. A narrow ray of light in a dark tunnel, but what can I say, I’m feeling optimistic today.