Newsletter for the writings of crazy people?

A good ten or fifteen years ago I heard about a newsletter devoted to the poetry found in the ravings of lunatics. Is it still published?

I would SOOOOO love to read such a thing. I have an odd fascination with unique craziness.

If you’re jonesing for the crazy, do a Google search for kathaksung. The guy’s pretty much carpet bombed every message board on the web with his paranoid ravings at one point or another.

There was a private press based in NH a few years ago called something like “Three Lab Mice on a Tray Press”. I’m not sure if they published a newsletter, but I know for a fact they published books by WILDLY mentally ill writers. One was a multimillionaire (through inheritance) fellow who lived near the beach in Alabama and wrote rambling stream-of-consciousness entries describing how omnipotent he was (“I’m 35% omnipotent today, but God tells me I will be 82% omnipotent tomorrow”), how he rose all the dead into heaven or hell from his recliner, the two times he killed JFK (once was at a filling station in Texas and another time in a psych ward in Georgia), etc., along with photographs. He often handed out copies of this book and books by his friends from past “domiciles” published by this company before he was returned to “live with friends for a long time”.

The Congressional Record?

It used to exist as a print publication, but has since gone electronic. Nowadays, it’s called “the Internet.”

It’s called the Straight Dope Message Board.

The New York Post?

Unfortunately, it ceased publication.

If you can find a copy of The Psychology of Purity and Chastity by Schitzophrenics International I highly recommend it. Totally out there.

One word: kathaksung.

Three Words: See post three.

Look up Apocolypse Culture I and II (link is for #1).

You’ll get your Nazis, pedophiles/pervs, and lots of other weird in book form.

ETA: I’ll look up kathaksung tomorrow. It’s late. I too am a fan of the weird.

I was simply reiterating** Johnny’s ** fine point. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

15 words.

You want madness splattered across the page for your reading pleasure? Read my LiveJournal. I’m doc_cathode

Ever wonder where those buses that say NOT IN SERVICE are going?

My brain hurts.

Ooh, the isotope money guy? Standard paranoid schizophrenia. We’ve had crazier on the SDMB.