Next Dresden Files book delayed.

I got an e-mail from Amazon with the new ship date for “Ghost Story” of July 26. According to Jim Butcher’s web site, we could have a half-assed book in April, or a “full-assed” book in July. I’ll take a better book every time, but that won’t help my Jonesing for the next part of the story (and yes, I’ve read “Side Jobs,” so I’m as current as I can get).

Yeah, I saw the changed release date listed on Amazon this weekend :frowning: I guess three months isn’t so long…you know, as long we don’t have to wait five years or anything.

I’m glad I never check to see when the next book is out in a series, as instead of being sad about the delay, I’m now happy about seeing it in July.

I’m on Side Jobs right now and have only read like 4 stories.

I’m thinking meh.

Pet Peeve (and unrelated): It pissed me off when I go to the library and see one of those “sword & sorcery” books, look at the front and it says, “Vol. 5 In the exciting blah, blah, blah series!”

It can’t be helped, of course, It’s just that when I’m out of something to read, I don’t want to pick up a book that’s a series and have to work backward. Also, I know that many of them stand alone just fine, but it doesn’t satisfy my anal-ness! :slight_smile:


I like the part that says:

Good news? And, they aren’t going to charge me for it being late? Woohoo!

Bummer! :frowning:

Bummer :frowning:

Butcher’s been right on with his release dates in the past, and it’s been pretty regular lately, with a Dresden Files in the spring and his other series in Nov. or so, so it’s a little more of a let-down than with most authors. Of course, I have wondered how he could keep up that pace, and I’d much rather he just did his thing and took care of business than try to keep to an unimportant schedule. I am patient. :stuck_out_tongue: