Next new recipe you're dying to try.

Heard this one on NPR the other day and I can’t think of anything else (new to me) I’d rather make next.

The base:

  • cup of thick greek style yogurt
  • minced or grated garlic (clove or two)
  • finely chopped fresh dill
  • salt flakes
    Combine and let stand.

The protein:

  • soft poached egg, or two, per serving.
    Timing is everything so make sure it’s still hot.

The sauce:

  • half stick of butter
  • couple of glugs of olive oil
  • Turkish Aleppo pepper, tbl or so
    Heat butter and oil, add dried Aleppo and allow time to infuse oil until it’s bright orange.


  • grill or toast some bread
  • Scoop yogurt sauce into bowls
  • add the poached egg(s)
  • sprinkle with salt flakes (smoked might be good!)
  • drizzle infused hot oil over eggs
  • dip/scoop/slather grilled bread and enjoy

I think this calls for a glass of something cold and sparkling.
So, what’s your next culinary first?

I’m making corned beef, nothing revolutionary there, but I’m trying a new method I read about somewhere: in the slow cooker, but with very little liquid, and the seasonings rubbed into the fat cap. I’m aiming for a rendered and crispy top. If it’s not crisp enough at dinnertime, I’ll chuck it under the broiler for a few mins.

Sous vide Brazilian style sweet dessert tamales. (Pamonha)

Basically, canned corn, eggs, sugar, butter, Parmesan cheese, shredded coconut, and cornstarch are processed, then poured into a vacuum bag. Queso Blanco is added, then the bag is vacuumed.

Sous vide cook for 90 minutes at 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’ve been out of the cooking game for a while now but I really want to dazzle myself and others with a mirror glazed cake. Doesn’t it look fun?!

This actually looks really cool!

Nice. I’d never want to cut into it. :slight_smile: