Next up: Kentucky & Oregon

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Didn’t want to start a new thread, so I’ll just add it here.

CNN is reporting it too. Right next to a quote from Hillary today to CNN:


Check out this great pamphlet for Obama’s Kentucky campaign. Note that the candidate is standing in front of a glowing golden cross, inside an obviously-Protestant church.


Any folks hovering in the air over KY and OR?

Let me know your secret. :cool:
ETA: Sorry, Biggirl, I think I’ve finally heard that usage of “on the ground” one time too many. Along with “at the end of the day,” which, thankfully, you didn’t use.

Hmm, I’m not sure how I should feel about that. I guess it might put to rest any remaining “secret Muslim” fears that are hanging around KY, but it is still well in to that uncomfortable area that Huckabee’s book shelf Christmas ad put me. I say that as a huge Obama supporter too.

It certainly got that McCain supporter’s attention. That’s what’s good about Obama’s grassroots movement. They’re there, on the ground and, at the end of the day, they’re thinking outside the box. It’s a new paradigm!

Exactly, this is a paradigm shift happening throughout the country - it’s awesome to watch and know you are taking part in history.

I voted Obama. So did most people I know that are democrats.

I see WAY more Obama stuff than Hilary stuff around town. I like his ads, just him talking to the camera or excerpts from speeches.

Hilary keeps saying "if he’d just debate me again… " Go screw Hilary. You lost.

Phl? I think you have been whooshed. “A new paradigm”? “On the ground”? “Thinking outside the box”?

I hope that Biggirl hasn’t turned into Dilbert’s pointy headed boss!

He’s good. I expect he’ll be a great President. But he is just a politician and pandering with religious imagery is no paradigm shift or thinking outside the box. It is Politicking 101.


I understand what Biggirl was talking about, but I was talking about something completely different. I was talking about an actual paradigm shift, in the grassroots movement across America…

Here in KY I’ve seen two ads for Obama and one for Hillary. One features coal workers from southern Illinois talking about how good Obama has been for them. The other one is pretty general and biographical, with pictures of him with his white grandparents and emphasizing his “Christian faith”. When I saw the latter one, I said, “I hate that they had to make that commercial, but they did.”

The Hillary ad I’ve seen talked about the Bush economic legacy and what she’s going to do to repair the damage. Nothing earth-shattering.

I don’t expect much of a flood of ads. Hillary is going to win KY by at least twenty points–probably not quite as much as she did in WV, but on that order. And Obama is still going to be the nominee.

If you say so Phl.

Mind you I see the potential for real change, for a real break with the forever campaign mode and full throttle partisanship. Obama holds the promise of being one of the great presidents. He has engaged elements of the electorate that have been previously unengaged. His campaign has formed some surprising alliances of support. Still it is possible to overstate and overused buzzwords are the shortcut to that destination.

I’m going down to Louisville this weekend for the NRA convention. Wonder if either one of them will show up to campaign. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way maybe I’ll get to see what kind of ads are being run on the local boob tube.

pk I will be surprised if you do not see at least one, if not both of them make a show there. Obama does not hope for an NRA endorsement but he does hope to keep them from coming out for McCain in a meaningful way. He would love to reassure them that gun control is not in his sights.

The NRA did just somewhat embrace McCain, but it is less than an bear hug.

He’s lying.

This may be true but I was just messing with RT with that post.

More on 2 Kentucky radio ads (though no adio).

I suppose I should say that I see I was whooshed when I read the ENTIRE thread. Better read more Phl than just the highlights of a thread. :smiley: Thanks for clarifying DS and Biggirl.

And you know that how?