Next up: Kentucky & Oregon

As the Long Flat Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March to the White House continues . . .

On May 20 there will be primaries in Kentucky:

. . . And Oregon:

Any surprises coming?

Nope. One easy win for each.

Yep. Dale, quit hoggin’ the beer!

Oregon is super-liberal in the population centers, but geographically speaking, most of the state is very conservative. Most of the time the population centers hold it, but every once in a while the rural conservatives gather forces and manage to wrangle through some nauseating piece of legislation. This leads to situations like Oregon being one of only a very small number of states (three?) with no restrictions on abortion, but legislation like prop. 36, a constitutional amendment defining marriage as exclusively heterosexual (Bumper stickers reading “one man, one woman” still occasionally sighted… ::hurk:: ) squeaking through.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure what that has to do with the Democratic primary since the rural conservatives likely won’t be voting; it’s just what comes to mind every time I see a discussion of potential Oregon voting trends.

Meanwhile, I expect my man Obama to come through in fine style. Go Obama!

Based on the leanings of my economically conservative, socially liberal dad, who lives in the southwest corner of Oregon, I’m hopeful for a wide Obama margin.

Cool. Your dad’s a libertarian. :slight_smile:

Make a bumper sticker that says “one man, one mo’ man”. :smiley:

Any folks on the ground in KY and OR? I’d love to hear what types of ads are being run by the candidates. Especially if Hil is being nice/nasty or if Obama is campaigning against her or McCain.

Ideas on defacing said stickers abounded at the time. I always wondered how long it would take someone to notice the new slogan.

I haven’t really seen much Hillary campaign advertising at all. I’ve seen a few things where she bitches about how he’s avoiding a debate in Oregon, but I can’t actually remember seeing commercials.

We’ve seen a commercial for Obama running occasionally that I cannot for the life of me find on the internet–how is that possible? Anyway, it’s him with a message that struck me as the perfect appeal to Eugene hippies, all about social and environmental issues. I haven’t really seen any McCain campaign information at all, or any mention of McCain by either of the democrats.

I’ve seen the Obama environmental commercial, and he showed up at a track meet at University of Oregon last week. No Clinton ads that I’ve seen but Bill was around.

Speaking as someone from Oregon’s rural south, I voted for Obama on Monday. Easy win for him here, I think. He’s got just the right message for the Portland liberals, the Eugene hippies, and the anti-Hillary crowd.

I think it’s clever of Obama to start acting like the presumptive nominee, and focus on McCain. (I think it took some of the wind out of the sails of the Hillary win in WV.)

Will he do the same for the rest of the silly season?

Live in Portland, Oregon. Obama’s got a massive ground game in the area. I donated 25 bucks to his campaign and I’m surprised they haven’t gotten come to paint my house to get me to switch my registration to Democrat from Unaffiliated. [If an Obama ground person sees this message, come paint my house, I’ll change, I swear.] Its too late to switch registration anyways…

Don’t have TV so its hard to know about the tv ads. Print ads in the area are more for Obama and people have been talking about his announcing the Richardson endorsement in Oregon.

Talked to a few people from the Rural areas the non brain washed “Any Pubbys” are mostly leaning Obama.

I snuck in at the last second–I almost forgot about caring about the Democratic primary for the first time in my adult life, and dashed into the elections office on the final day. Sorry, Pacific Green Party! I love you like biscuits in tea, but I’ll bail like rats from a sinking ship when it matters. :wink:

I can only accept that analogy if we can start bayonetting the candidates that dropped out…

How about the candidates that should?



Where are you from? I grew up in Brookings, and that’s where my parents still live.


He voted for Bush twice, he supports the War in Iraq, he’s pro-gay marriage, he used to be a hippie, he runs the local Chamber of Commerce…I’m not sure what he is. He’s pro- state-run social programs, though; he just wants to see them administered better and smarter. Maybe not quite a libertarian. :slight_smile:

Is there still a primary going on? I thought Barack was the nominee? Oh…I see, we haven’t told Hillary yet the Primaries are over…ok…good thinking! :smiley:

He sounds interesting to talk to, at any rate.