Next US President will not be popular

I don’t know for sure who’s going to be elected President of the United States this fall, but I can’t imagine any of the candidates getting approval ratings above 50%. We’re just too polarized, and furthermore the incredibly long campaign has allowed everyone to make up their minds in advance. There will no longer be a “honeymoon” period where the new president gets the benefit of the doubt from the voters. It’s a bad time to be President of the United States, at least if you want to be popular.

Worst job in America.

One of the many reasons why it’s so hard to find good candidates who actually want to run for the job.

Barack Obama had a 69% approval rating in January of 2009.

I remember. I just think Obama is going to be the last president for a while to enjoy that kind of early enthusiasm.

Obama deserves some of the blame for that. He campaigned with promises of hope and change, and instead sided with the CIA and NSA against the American people.

This is the hope and change I think most Americans were hoping for.

Add in some Health Care reform (remember exclusions for per-existing conditions?), and ending a war or two (or at least winding them down), and you’ve got a fine record.

Oh, and saving the domestic auto industry.

I don’t think many people are that upset about the CIA and NSA (although I am more on your side on this than Obama’s)

The slow employment recovery is the reason Obama’s ratings are low. If the next administration experiences a dramatic boom in job growth, my prediction could be wrong. But I really don’t see much chance of that happening.