Next week could be one of the best in my life.

My daughter’s cancer has brought a lot of good into our lives.
Next week, starting Saturday 8/24, really, we are going on her Make-a-wish.
We are doing the Disney Cruise along with a few days at Disney World.
I will fly from CA to FL with my wife and 5 kids.:eek:
The Sunday we get on the boat.
I am so looking forward to this.
I’ll let you know how it was when I’m back.

I am glad you are able to enjoy the moment while it is here. Have fun and make good memories!


You value the cruise more than your daughters life, or do I just need some sleep?

Welcome to Florida in the summer, Walker. (Well, y’know, when y’all get here.) Ignore the hellacious lightning storms that rip through every afternoon at about the same time… They go almost as fast as they come up. On your days at the park, plan on seeing shows/exhibits/whatever that are inside at around 3-5PM (it varies a little) every day. :wink:

So how is the wee one doin’? And have ye had any word on the study being conducted (the whole boiling and dissolving of meds), or is it something that’ll be years in the works?

I think you need to get some sleep, d12

Oh **Roadwalker]/B] have an awesome time!! I have been looking into doing some work with the “Make A Wish” Foundation. They are a wonderful organization.

Be Safe and have a wonderful trip.

One of the charities my Knights of Columbus council supports every year is Make-a-Wish – they do some really outstanding work.

Have fun - that’s exactly what the trip is there for!

  • Rick

Despite being an avowed cynic, I think this is great - and from everything I have heard and read about the Disney cruise ship, it has gotten really good reviews from kids and, surprisingly, adults as well!

Plus, I hear the island that Disney bought as a “destination” is super cool. Trip sounds to me like something a good doctor would order for your whole family!

Promise a full (honest) review when you get back.

Naomi is still doing what she does best. Just now she told me sheput more air in her mylar balloon. I told her she couldn’t but she did. That’s her…just tell her it can’t be done.
Skeezix, I have been frettig looking at the MSN forcasts showing big black electrical clouds. Thanks for the reassurance.
I leave in two days now.

As sappy as this sounds, I had to say it:
It’s brought a little more into mine, as well. Every time I think of you and Naomi, I treasure my own daughter a little more (which I didn’t think was possible.) And I find that whatever was bugging the hell out of me ten minutes ago, really wasn’t that big a deal, after all. So, thanks, and best wishes for the trip.

Yeah, summer for most of Florida is storm season (it’s another season too, but I ain’t even gonna mention it, for superstitious fear o’ jinxing your trip.) ‘Most every afternoon, for about 30 mins-2 hrs, the light show in the sky kicks in, and blows out again. At least it usually kills the humidity for a spell, makin’ it nicer to be outside afterwards.