NFC East playoff picture

Two things I’d like those of you more knowledgeable on the NFL playoff rules to check me on. If I’m reading the rules & standings correctly, then:

  1. The Giants lock down the last wildcard spot by beating the Redskins tonight, correct? Which would have both NFC wildcard teams coming from the East … :dubious:

  2. The ‘all-important’ Eagles and Cowboys games this weekend pretty much just determine the host of those teams’ first-round playoff game against each other, right? If the Cowboys win and the Eagles lose, then the Cowboys get the third seed & the Eagles the fifth; otherwise, the Eagles get the third seed and the Cowboys the fifth. And either way, they’d play each other in the wild card round, either in Philly or Dallas. Or is there some rule about teams from the same division not facing each other in the wild card round, in which case the Giants/Skins outcome matters?

Oh, I’ve found some data on #1. It looks like a win isn’t quite enough, but practically–they own the tie-breakers with all of the other potential 8-8 NFC teams right now, but if a whole string of unlikely things happens on Sunday (like Detroit beating Dallas), they could lose that slot. OK, whatever. (What’s more amusing is that, if all of those 7-8 teams lose, then the Giants would be in at 7-9. Appalling.)

The 3rd seed plays the 6th seed, not the 5th.

The 5th seed plays the 4th seed.

If PHI beats ATL or DET beats DAL, then PHI takes the 3rd seed and hosts the 6th seed and DAL takes the 5th seed and travels to SEA (4th seed).

If ATL beats PHI and DAL beats DET, then DAL takes the 3rd seed and hosts the 6th seed and PHI takes the 5th seed and travels to SEA (4th seed).

Green Bay is the only team the Giants have to worry about if they win. There is a highly unlikely combination of results on Sunday that could bounce New York even if they win, including the need for Detroit to beat Dallas and the need for Arizona to beat the Chargers. I saw the whole thing written out somewhere; it’s pretty amazingly complex, and hinges on the tiebreaking statistics Strength of Victory (combined winning percentage of teams beaten) and Strength of Schedule (combined winning percentage of teams played).

Three hours to kick-off before the 'Skins / Giants game.

I would sincerely love to see my Skins spoil the Giants’ chance at making the playoffs. That might almost make up for the profound disappointment that were the Redskins this season.

Well actually it wouldn’t but it’ll still feel good all the same.

Holy mackerel. I’m getting the impression that Tiki really wants to get to the playoffs in his final season.

I was wondering aloud, before this game, if Tiki is a Hall of Famer. He’s had some great years, but I wondered if his peak was too short. Having seen some of his stats and his performance so far, I think I’m coming down on the “yes” side of the question.

Good for Tiki. He seems like a good guy.

I’m gonna look forward to him displacing some loud-mouthed dumbass player-sportscaster. Dare I hope… Michael Irvin? But Shannon Sharpe would be okay too.

I think so. If he stuck around a couple more years at anything like his current levels of production he’d have been knocking on the door of the all-time numbers. Even if tonight’s his last game ever he’s in the top ten all time in yards from scrimmage, believe it or not.

I’m not watching the game (no cable here and no NFL Network) but I am kinda paying attention to it through GameCenter, with the audible alerts on for anything important. It’s about 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter as I type this, and the score is now 27-21 Giants. Remember, at halftime, it was like 27-7 Giants. If any team can finish blowing that lead this season, it’s the Giants.

Good job, buddy. You goaded Tiki into another 50-yard touchdown run. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been following the game the same way–no NFL Network here either. I can’t wait to see the highlight reel–that had to be something else.