NFC South 2010

NFC South… home of the reigning Superbowl Champeens!

What does 2010 hold in store? Here are my initial observations:

The Saints still look strong, although I’m not sold on their running game. But how much do they need to run? Good chance to repeat as division winners.

The Falcons are getting a lot of love, with predictions of being able to take the division from the Saints. Not sure I’m buying it yet. A lot will depend on Ryan’s 3rd season performance. If he steps forward, they will be good. I still think they finish 2nd.

The Panthers. Well, my local team has had a LOT of off-season changes. The jettisoned their longtime QB (I hope Jake tears it up in Cleveland, great dude, but it was time for a change in Charlotte.) They let a number of veterans go, including Julius Peppers and stalwart fullback Brad Hoover. Right now they have a very young team. Everyone was concerned about the D, but so far this preseason they have been dominant on that side of the ball. Rookie Greg Hardy can be one of the steals of the draft if he stays healthy, and Everett Brown is coming in to his own. No Thomas Davis for the season hurts, but they seem to be adopting well to Ron Meeks’ scheme. On the other hand, the offense has been dismal. They’ve been playing without Steve Smith, Jonathan Stewart and Jeff Otah, who’ll all be back for game 1, but still… No offensive TDs in 3 games. Matt Moore has not been sharp, but the receiving corps is the big problem. Someone needs to step up and become the number 2 guy, but so far no one has. The D will keep them in games, but right now I’d say 8-8 is optimistic.

Tampa is rebuilding and I think they’ll struggle this year. It wouldn’t completely surprise me if they wound up ahead of the Panthers, but I don’t think they’re ready. 6-10 feels about right…

I was wondering if another division thread might pop up.

I wasn’t sure how many NFC South dopers we had… so far it doesn’t look like too many…

6th in YPG, 5th in YPA, 7th in carries per game last season. Their running game was fantastic and they’ve kept it up so far this preseason.

Yes, but how much of that was Mike Bell? (I honestly don’t know.) I like Pierre Thomas if he stays healthy.

Have you had a chance to check out Saints possible new Rb Ivory? He is quite a beast!
He had a great run against SD the other night. I really wanna see him take the 3rd RBspot.
Ivory reminds me alot of Deuce Mcallister fighting for the extra inches after normal backs would fall. Pierre looks Excellent again this year as expected. And by golly I think Bush is starting to come around as a back. I watched him running north and south quite a few times so far.

As for the Panthers, Im looking forward to seeing how the new QB fits in. I have not been following the other nfc south teams to much as of late so I could’nt even tell you his name.
Someone is gonna have a tough time filling in peppers shoes. I hope they do! Saints need some competition :slight_smile: and they are’nt likely to get it from the dirty birds or bucs this year.

Geaux Saints Two Dat!

Here is the run from Ivory I was talking about in my previous post.

I have to wait til I get home to watch that. Matt Moore is the panthers’ QB (for the moment) by the way.

Ah yes he played for O.S.U I think. Decent Qb if I recall. I know Clausen is there too. I wonder how he got picked after tebow?

Falcons fan, checking in. I don’t expect we’ll finish ahead off the Saints this year, and I’m hating the hype right now. Bad things happen to the Falcons when people expect good things from them.

Good OP, all around.

ESPN says
Falcons 10 wins
Saints 9
Buccs 8
Panthers 7
They see a close race.