NFL 2020: Conference Championship Week

Holy shit! Helluva play by the Bucs.

Hey look! The Packers defense letting them down in a big game. It’s like a play I’ve seen dozens of times before.

That was insane! Miller had a lot of room for some reason…

So so tired of Joe and Troy giving Brady blow jobs on the air.

I know Rodgers gets a lot of favorable press, but geeze!

My conspiracy mind says the NfL is rigging the game so Brady gets in the SB, but the Packers are sucking enough on their own.

This frees up my Super Bowl Sunday if they don’t wake up in the 2nd half.

Give the Bucs credit. Most teams would have taken the cowardly approach and punted to Green Bay on that fourth down, content with preserving a 14-10 lead. Tampa Bay opted to plunge a lead-extending dagger.

I’m out, can’t take it anymore


Pack fumble.

Going back to that last-second TD: The most baffling thing is that it was no secret that Tampa Bay was going to go for the end zone. With no timeouts left, it was either sideline or end zone. Why no deep coverage?

Good Law and Order episode on…

Brady is downright scary at this point. I mean…43-years old, and on the verge of his 10th Super Bowl appearance, and blowing out the top seed Pack at their own home…being this good should be illegal. Like how.

I don’t understand the play where the Packers receiver was going to allow the kickoff to go by, but then decided to pick it up and run with it. He was tackled around the 12 yard line but then the Packers coach challenged and the play was ruled a touchback, and they got the ball on the 20.

What I don’t get is, receivers run back kickoffs from their end zone all the time. It’s up to them whether to run it back or let it go. If they don’t make it to the 20, they aren’t awarded the ball on the 20 just because it would have been a touchback if they hadn’t tried to run it back.

The kickoff hit the goal line and then bounced straight up and the receiver grabbed it and ran. But once it hit the goal line, it’s in the end zone and it’s a touchback. It should have been blown dead at that point.

Fournette is going to have to have the rushing second half of his life to secure this victory.

No he won’t.

So, to run a kickoff back from the end zone, it has to be caught on the fly?

Yes. From the NFL rule book:

It is a touchback, if a free kick:

(a) is not touched by the receiving team, and the ball touches the ground in the end zone.

(b) goes out of bounds behind the receiving team’s goal line;

© strikes the receiving team’s goal post, uprights, or cross bar; or

(d) is downed in the end zone by the receiving team.

The momentum is with GB. I predict they’ll win 33 - 28.

Damn I almost turned it off. :smiley:

Thanks, Railer.

Brady went from being GOAT to Drew Brees in a hurry.

Mike Evans is getting exposed as a limited WR.