NFL 2020: Week 6

This week’s schedule (note that there is no Thursday night game):

Sunday Early:
Houston @ Tennessee
Cincinnati @ Indianapolis
Atlanta @ Minnesota
Denver @ New England
Washington @ New York Giants
Baltimore @ Philadelphia
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
Chicago @ Carolina
Detroit @ Jacksonville

Sunday Late:
New York Jets @ Miami
Green Bay @ Tampa Bay

Sunday Night:
Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco

Monday Night:
Kansas City @ Buffalo
Arizona @ Dallas

Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles Chargers, Seattle

And, for today’s COVID news:

Also on the COVID/NFL front: “Mean” Fred Dean, a Hall of Fame defensive end for the Chargers and 49ers, and a key member of the Niners’ Super Bowl teams under Bill Walsh, died yesterday, at age 68. He had been diagnosed with the coronavirus, and had been on a ventilator.

Who’d have guessed that the 4-1 Browns at the 4-0 Steelers would be the premier game this week?

This morning, the Colts reported “several individuals” in their organization testing positive for COVID, and they closed down their facility.

Particularly because the Chiefs/Bills contest lost a lot of luster after both teams lost last week.

Add the Patriots to the list of teams with practice cancelled due to another positive test.

And, apparently, the Colts got a false positive, so they’re facility has reopened.

It seems the NFL will be teetering on the edge for another week.

Oh Baker.

Some nice defense being played in both the Bears/Carolina and Steelers/Browns games. Offense? Not so much.

Lets go Browns, Bills, Bengals, Broncos, and Baltimore. All the B teams.

I’m beginning to think that Baker Mayfield might not be great.

Bears catch a couple breaks with a bullshit DPI call, and a fumble in Panthers territory. The next play after the fumble, Foles throws an interception.

Neither team wants to win apparently.

First play after the int, the Panthers throw a pick six … that gets called back for DPI. Getting ugly.

Broncos almost pulling it off…

The NFL record for most consecutive winning seasons is 20. The Patriots have already had 19 consecutive winning seasons and this would be their season to tie it.

I haven’t been following the two point discussion stuff but I think Washington fucked up by trying the two and failing, causing them to lose.

Steelers 38 Brownies 7. In a crazy 2020 at least one aspect of life still feels normal. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also another week of Kirk Cousins really racking up some nice numbers after the game was completely out of hand. He may be the greatest garbage time quarterback of all time.

And Washington fans still bitching about losing Cousins. Admittedly, they’re a train wreck right now regardless

Aaron Rodgers had not thrown an interception in the first four games of this season. He’s now thrown two in his past three attempts – one went for a pick-six, and the other nearly did (it was returned to inside the 5 yard line). 14 cheap points for the Bucs.

Rodgers doesn’t seem the same after he got crunched at the goal line on that scramble. Pretty lame take, I know, but it seems to be true.

There may be something to that, @Clawdio.