NFL 2021: Week Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Thursday, September 30, 2021

8:20 PM: Jaguars @ Bengals

Sunday, October 3, 2021

1 PM: Titans @ Jets

1 PM: Chiefs @ Eagles

1 PM: Panthers @ Cowboys

1 PM: Giants @ Saints

1 PM: Browns @ Vikings

1 PM: Lions @ Bears

1 PM: Texans @ Bills

1 PM: Colts @ Dolphins

1 PM: Washington @ Falcons

4:05 PM: Seahawks @ 49ers

4:25 PM: Steelers @ Packers

4:25 PM: Ravens @ Broncos

8:20 PM: Buccaneers @ Patriots

Monday, October 4, 2021

8:15 PM: Raiders @ Chargers

This is about the point in the season when we start to get a little separation, a little better idea of who’s for real and who should be looking forward to the draft. Maybe that doesn’t happen until next week in a 17 game season, I don’t know.

Pretty weak Thursday game tonight. Bengals should destroy the Jags. Trevor can watch Joe Burrow and his not-terrible team with envy.

Personally interesting matchup for me is WFT-Falcons. Can the Washington D wake the F up or will Matt Ryan have a career game?

Obviously the marquee game here is Bucs-Pats. I fully expect the Bucs to embarrass the Pats but we’ll see what Bill comes up with to put up against them.

Raiders-Chargers is suddenly looking like a much better game than it did in preseason. The Raiders just might be legit.

Three weeks in, and already I’m surprised by what is going on in the NFL. I’m surprised the Chiefs, who I thought had a legit chance to go undefeated, are 1-2. I’m surprised Jon Gruden hasn’t found a way to fuck up close games and the Raiders are 3-0. And I’m surprised that it seems just now the NFL is realizing Matt Stafford is a very good QB.

Things I’m not surprised by: Idiotic talking heads already discussing the league MVP despite the fact we’re not even a fifth of the way through the year. Matt Nagy sucking. And the Lions, Jets, and Jags all sucking too.

Bill O’Brien and Jay Gruden got to 0-5 before getting canned, so it’s a little early for this discussion, but the aforementioned Matt Nagy, Joe Judge in NY, and possibly Urban Meyer (he’s only in year 1 though) are all on the chopping block waiting for the axe to fall. It will be interesting to see who goes first.

You know it’s a bad slate of games when almost half of the early games have an under less than 46. Bears/Lions, Giants/Saints, and Colts/Dolphins could all be an affront to humanity on the offensive side. The only game that intrigues me is the Browns/Vikings. I can’t tell if the Vikings are actually good at football, and the test against the Browns will be a good barometer.

The late games hold a little more interest for me. I’ll get to see with my own eyes if horrible human being Ben Rothlisberger is done, if the Cards are actually legit, and if Lamar Jackson’s style of play this year (he’s taken a league leading 44 QB hits so far) will come back to haunt him. Intriguing games.

I wish everyone would just STFU about Brady’s revenge game, but I rarely get what I want. I’ll likely skip the bloodbath, but I may be forced to watch since I think that line is way too low. Nothing like money on the line to make you pay attention. I’m much more interested in Raiders v. Chargers. Both teams are playing well, but no one is for sure they’re real contenders. Should be fun.

Week 4 will have at least a few games that show everything we thought we learned from the first 3 weeks is wrong.

Against all evidence and my own common sense, I’m going say this is the week the Lions get their first win.

On a personal level, I’m looking forward most to the SF-Seattle game. For the Steelers, I too want to see Ben Rapistburger badly beaten. And I’m hoping the Monday night game turns out as good as the storylines would suggest.

I have no idea how this is going to go. Nagy is 5-1 vs. the Lions, but they’re almost always close games. On the other hand, the Bears defenses is starting to pick up steam and look closer to their 2018 version, which gave Goff absolute fits.

I’m actually somewhat interested in the game tonight as both the Bengals and Jags are pretty far off my radar. I’ll be at a bar and won’t have sound, but I do wonder if the announcers will be discussing Meyer returning to the college game.

Bengals doing Bengals stuff. Penalties. Missed field goal. Can’t stop the run. Inability to respond to a score.

Still, it’s early.

This wasn’t paywalled for me, it definitely explains some of the economics behind a move to Arlington Heights for the Bears

First time watching the Bengals this year. I am shocked they’re a top 5 rush defense. They’re getting blown off the ball, missing tackles, and look awful.

With all due respect to Troy (hint, that’s not much) that long pass to Shenault was a horrific non-call. If we’re not going to have a flag on that, why even have a OPI penalty at all.

Weird to see the Cincinnati Bengals showing resiliency and calmness late. Not so weird to see Jacksonville collapse. Love to see Urban lose.

I was there, just got home a bit ago. Fun game, but way too close. Our defense didn’t show up until the second half.

Seemed like a case of a young team playing down to the competition. The Bengals are way farther ahead of the Jags than that game would indicate.

Evidently Nagy is looking to his players for suggestions on how to fix the offense. I recommend that he looks back at more successful offenses in the team’s past like the Run and Shoop or Martz’s Drop Back Get Sacked.

I live pretty close to Gillette Stadium, and I swear you can’t go outside without the wind sighing gently about the upcoming game.

I live in the Boston area and they are talking about this on the bloody NPR station right now. There’s really no escaping this.

For those who don’t feel like reading the article, let me summarize: “hey, I’m from Arlington Heights, and wouldn’t it be cool if the Bears moved here. Also, Soldier Field kinda sucks, amirite?” If you’re looking for an in-depth discussion of valuation of NFL teams and how that might be affected by a move, look elsewhere.

I couldn’t agree more, that’s as apt a description as any. The Jags are missing too many pieces and the Bengals have their QB and skills all set, the offensive line is vastly improved and so is the defense.

It’s gonna be kind of funny when the city and Friends of the Parking Lots end up bending over backwards to rebuild and expand the Soldier Field lakefront area to retain the team. Good thing we don’t have the Lucas Museum standing in the way!

Washington finally gets Curtis Samuel for this week, gives Heinicke another weapon. Let’s see if WFT defense remembers that they’re talented on Sunday.

Browns and Vikings trying to set a record for failed 4th down conversions, which is certainly unusual as it’s a low scoring game where field goals would matter.

18 play drive just resulted in a rushing TD, although it was extended by a pretty bad penalty.