NFL 2022: Super Wildcard Week

I’m going to go on record and note that I made that post when it was 27-7.

Dude, you need to buy a lottery ticket. Or let us know who’s covering the spreads tomorrow.

Pfft…apparently I used up all my mojo on useless prognostications here, because my lotto tickets have given me bupkis.

But hope springs eternal!

(It has to. I’m a Dolphin fan. And they are gonna get killed tomorrow).

Lazarus has nothing on the Jags this year.

I may have tried to drive to the stadium and broker a ticket if it wasn’t below 40 by game’s end (warm weather tires and no cold weather gear that isn’t moth-eaten).

Holy shit!!! Coach Dougie P in the hooouuuuuuse!

Might be Pederson’s new unexpexted SB winner.

It was pretty clear the Chargers were at least going to try to blow it with the way the first half ended. Herbert missed Allen for a sure touchdown, and then they let Jax get 7 right before half. Classic Chargers collapse was starting.

And Joey Bosa may have cost them a chance to win in OT. If he doesn’t get the penalty, Jags probably go for the XP and trail by 3. Obviously, at the end of the game, they try for 6 rather than letting the clock run down, but Bosa’s penalty insured that a FG would win the game.

Yep. But honestly it doesn’t matter much. With the breaks they were getting, the Chargers should win that game by 20 points.

Agreed. I thought they caught a huge break early in the 4th quarter with that questionable roughing-the-passer call (or whatever that bogus penalty was). But they ended that drive with a missed FG, which was another big play.

Another unbelievable game over in cold Miami. Great fumble pickup/TD for Dolphins! Now Bills got lead back. Josh Allen is NOT playing well at all, except for rushing yds. :roll_eyes:

This is the longest game ever. Twelve minutes shy of three hours in and still over five minutes left in the third quarter. I’m bailing at 4:30 for the Giants unless they delay kickoff.

It’s unbelievable that I am rooting for the Giants today. But us birds would love another game with ya. :wink:

Miami’s QB, Skylar Thompson, is 15-for-37 and has been picked off twice. Somehow, Miami is still in it.

It was after 4pm when the third quarter ended.

EDIT: Giants game pushed back 20 minutes. rabble rabble grumble grumble

What a close game!
I am rooting for the Vikings, and the Ravens. We shall see.

His stats aren’t great but he’s out there battling. It’s fun to watch.

4th and a foot, and they get a delay of game penalty. Then they fail on 4th down. Game over, methinks.

Thompson didn’t have a great game, by any means, but, damn. his receivers dropped a bunch of passes.

They also couldn’t run the ball.

5 turnovers each in Bills/Dolphins and Jags/Chargers. A ton of dropped passes.

Ugly football.