NFL 2022: Super Wildcard Week

It’s the playoffs. Let’s jump right into things.

Saturday, January 14
Seahawks (7) vs 49ers (2) – 4:30pm ET (FOX)
Chargers (5) vs Jaguars (4) – 8:15pm ET (NBC)

Sunday, January 15
Dolphins (7) vs Bills (2) – 1:00pm ET (CBS)
Giants (6) vs Vikings (3) – 4:30pm ET (FOX)
Ravens (6) vs Bengals (3) – 8:15pm ET (NBC)

Monday, January 16
Cowboys (5) vs Buccaneers (4) – 8:15pm ET (ESPN/ABC)

The 49ers/Seahawks coming up first looks like a mess with the atmospheric river continuing to wallop the Bat Area during the game. I’d think this favors the Niners (just hand it off to McCaffrey every time), but anything can happen in games like that.

Who are your picks? Who are you hoping is humiliated so we don’t have to see them again, besides Brady?

Seattle started the game and on their second play found themselves in the 2nd & 1 situation we discussed so much last week.

They ran it, lost a yard. Then it really felt like a passing situation. They did indeed try to pass, but got sacked. 2nd & 1 is not a guarantee.

The Niners D looking bad so far. Giving up huge plays and not stopping the run.

Fun to see Geno Smith and Brock Purdy suceeding, though.

Right, of course it isn’t.

Very dumb penalty by the 49ers at the end of the half there. A free 3 points for Seattle.

That was frustrating. I’ve never known Ward to do anything like that, but even if you are a dirty player, that’s a stupid hit.

The Niners defense finally got the big play, and an impressive following drive followed for the TD. Purdy is just damn good.

And the Niners start to pull away, with the help of an uncalled hold.

LoL, yeah. That the difference in this game.

I’m hoping for the Ravens, but not getting my hopes up.
Also, come on Vikings!

Eagles will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday for an opponent. Frankly, I’ll take em all. Would love a rematch with Bucs.

Did they just play Jeff Beck on the way to commercial? If so, nice tribute.

I’m glad Trevor Lawrence escaped the hell that is Urban Meyer, but he’s not playing well tonight.

I heard that too. So far, the highlight of the game.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QBR of 0.6 before (4 of 13 for 30 yards, 3 INTs). Jacksonville will just have to “teal with it”. Tee-hee.

Let’s go, former HC PEDERSON! Wake up your freaking players.

After all the duds he had on Thursdays this year, Al Michaels has to be wondering what higher power that he pissed off.

Don’t worry, he gets worse…

I’m about 10 minutes behind, but I’m wondering if you have to pull him at this point.

And now…the greatest comeback in Jaguars playoff history.

(Probably not).

If the Giants beat the Vikes tomorrow, they will play the Eagles, most assuredly on Saturday. Otherwise, the Eagles will play the winner of the Bucs/Boys on Sunday.

I guess I’m never gonna understand exactly what constitutes a “false start” penalty. I’ve lost count of how many times in my life I’ve seen them call it on an offensive lineman who just baaaarely adjusts his knee or elbow. So I’m confused why they don’t call it every single time on that Chargers’ left tackle who keeps pumping his arm just before most every snap.

I know. But if Giants lose, I’d rather have Bucs than Cowboys. Bad feeling for facing Cowboys.

Aaaaaand, Lawrence is coming around, but four picks?? I’m betting the next one he throws is in the end zone. :grin::eagle: