NFL 2021: Super Wild Card Week Hey Nineteen

Playoffs??!! You kiddin’ me?? Playoffs?!!

Yes, it’s the playoffs. Here’s your slate for Super Wild Card Weekend:

4:30 pm: 5 Las Vegas Raiders @ 4 Cincinnati Bengals (-6)
8:15 pm: 6 New England Patriots @ 3 Buffalo Bills (-4)

1:00 pm: 7 Philadelphia Eagles @ 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-8.5)
4:30 pm: 6 San Francisco 49ers @ 3 Dallas Cowboys (-3)
8:15 pm: 7 Pittsburgh Steelers @ 2 Kansas City Chiefs (-12.5)

8:15 pm: 5 Arizona Cardinals @ 4 Los Angeles Rams (-4)

This will be the first Monday night playoff game ever, which is probably exactly how Martin Luther King Jr. always dreamed people would celebrate his holiday. The continuation of the Bills-Pats rivalry should be good, and I’m excited for the renewal of the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry. I’m picking the Niners as the only upset win.

Which games will be blowouts (besides the Steelers-Chiefs)? Which ones will come down to the wire? Let’s hear it.

I’m hoping for the Chiefs, and Buccs to win. Just enjoying football games while they’re still here. Will eagerly await next season

That’s probably a safe bet in each case.

I think the Raiders, Patriots, and 49ers are the wildcard teams with the best chance of beating the division winners. The Cardinals/Rams game might be close, but I think the Rams are a better team.

Chiefs blew out the Steelers 3 weeks ago. I would not look for a repeat of that game, although, as a Chiefs fan, I wouldn’t mind a big win for KC.

In answer to your question, I think the Bucs will destroy the Eagles, and I also think the Boys will beat the Niners by at least two touchdowns.

Raiders - Bengals could be close. Cowboys have looked really good the last few weeks, admittedly against lesser teams. But I think they’ll handle SF without difficulty.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve decided to root for the Eagles, so hoping for an upset against TB.

Eagles are doing it AGAIN, baaaaby! Brady doesn’t have Godwin and Fournette, two of his favorites. I’m sure he’s already got their backups in line. OTOH, you can never tell what Jalen Hurts is up to. So we’ll see.

We won’t make the SB, but it’d be great to take out the GOAT and Gronk for everyone else.

I couldn’t pick the winner this year even if I knew the teams. Totally varied and I love it. Great season all around.

I assume Cards-Rams being Monday Night means it’s MNF on ESPN, which sucks because I don’t have ESPN and I’d like to watch that one, but not enough to be bothered to do a Sling trial or whatever.

It’s on both ESPN and ABC, so you’re in luck.

Great, thanks!

I hadn’t watched the Bengals this year, but am enjoying this game. The Bengals have an exciting offense. If they can draft a few good offensive linemen this year, they’ll have a great team for the next several years.

On a side note, is it just me, or are some of the announcers, especially the ones in the studio, calling them the Bangles?

It sounds like they are!

What a crazy touchdown for Bengals. I haven’t watched them much, now I see why they’re in the post.

I picked Bengals, Bills, Eagles :eagle:, Niners, Rams and Chiefs. For fun, not money. :sunglasses:

Bengals looking good in the first half. A couple mistakes costing the Raiders, but they’re still in it. Big first drive to start the second half.

I think that Joe Burrow might be an OK NFL QB.

I know it exists in baseball, but is there such a thing in professional football as “playing the rest of the game under protest”? If the Raiders lose by a touchdown, they’ve got a strong case that they were screwed.

(And I’m rooting for the Bengals.)

Everyone gets screwed in the NFL playoffs. It’s kind of the refs’ deal these days.

Not as far as I know. On rare occasions, the league’s head of officiating may, upon review of a play (and how it was officiated) after a game, issue a statement that it was not officiated correctly, but I’ve never seen a situation in which the league changed the outcome of a play, much less a game, due to such an error.

Reversing the result of a play due to a blown call is what replay reviews during the game are for, but (a) such reviews aren’t applicable to every situation (the rules on replay reviews are strict on what can and cannot be reviewed/reversed), and (b) sometimes the replay review still doesn’t seem to get it right.

Sounds like this is going to be one of those occasions.

What did I miss? Certainly not the Bengals touchdown that was a real-life touchdown? I have no sympathy if the Raiders are bitching that a mistake by a ref (an inadvertent whistle) means an actual touchdown shouldn’t be a touchdown. They gave up a TD, it was TD, and trying to rely on a technicality to wipe out that TD is just whiny, manufactured controversy.

The closest I can think of is this:

Enraged, Browns fans began throwing objects onto the field, mainly beer bottles. A few especially rowdy fans began throwing the stadium’s trash cans down to the field. After a few minutes, the officials announced that the game would end 48 seconds early and the officials and players exited the field. However, the league office called, telling them to finish the game. The teams and officials came back onto the field and, after two quarterback kneels by the Jaguars, the game was over, 15–10.

Even if a whistle is inadvertent, the rules state that a play is to be considered dead at that moment.

As this article on SI notes:

It may feel whiny, but the officials didn’t enforce it correctly.

Imagine the outcry if the refs negated a clear touchdown because one of them fucked up in a way that had no effect on the play whatsoever. Avoiding a great injustice by not stupidly enforcing a technicality is not a bad thing.

Whining that you could have had a tie if only the refs fucked up in your favor, however, is.