NFL 2018 Regular Season

We’ve been doing individual threads for each week, but I think the last 5 weeks can go in a single thread. All the previous threads were only 1 or 2 pages long, and this way we don’t have to stress about starting the new thread on time.

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I’m thinking anyone can post the new week’s schedule anytime between Thursday and Sunday. I’ll start us off with the week 13 schedule in the next post.

Thursday Night
Saints (-7.5) at Cowboys

Sunday Early
Colts (-4.5) at Jaguars
Panthers (-3.5) at Buccaneers
Ravens at Falcons (-1)
Browns at Texans (-6)
Bills at Dolphins (-5)
Bears (-4.5) at Giants
Broncos (-4.5) at Bengals
Rams (-10) at Lions
Cardinals at Packers (-14)

Sunday Late
Chiefs (-15) at Raiders
Jets at Titans (-7.5)
Vikings at Patriots (-5)
49ers at Seahawks (-10)

Sunday Night
Chargers at Steelers (-3.5)

Monday Night
Redskins at Eagles (-6)

It sure began with a bang with Dallas’ stunning upset of what, up until last night, had been an unstoppable Saints’ juggernaut. It left a whole lot of bookies crying in their beer, that’s for sure.

So, if the Bears can beat the lowly Giants and go to 9-3, they’ll be nestled in right behind the Saints and a Rams’ team that they could actually pass if they can upset them on December 9th at Soldier Field. The plot thickens!! :slight_smile:

An omnibus thread for the rest of the season was created here -

Not a great game for the refs last night. How do you miss that head-to-head hit?

Rarely do I get that frustrated with the officiating in a game not involving the Bears, but last nights game was a disaster. So many bad calls, mostly because they were very inconsistent, and they all seemed to be at critical moments.

But, the Saints loss is great for the Bears so I guess I’ll take it.

Brees just didn’t look good in that game. The Cowboys really stepped up but wow, did Drew use up all his juice for the year too early?

Well, Brees is up there in age and this was a short week. Thursday night games should either follow a bye week or be abolished.

Brees was really shaky and the Pokes did a good job of pressing him up the middle. Seemed like it really disrupted him, more than you’d expect from a vet. Also, the WRs were just blanketed. The Refs seemed to allow an awful lot of contact (except when they didn’t) which played into Dallas’s hands.

I agree about working the bye weeks and Thursday night games together into the schedule. But both the teams last night were actually on a full week’s rest because they both played on Thanksgiving.

Chicago played the noon Thanksgiving game after their previous game was flexed to the Sunday night spot. They had 3.5 days from final whistle to kickoff.

Right, the NFL is suuuuuuuper concerned about player safety.

I had forgotten that both teams were actually on a full week’s rest last night. Never mind my previous comment about them.

The Cheifs season is about to get derailed.

This was a game that the Cowboys needed a LOT more than the Saints, and it showed. Brees gave credit where credit was due rather than cast aspersions on the officiating, and I thought that was large of him.

Plus, as bad as it was it went both ways. It was totally incompetent but at least unbiased.

Kind of like the best MLB umpires… :wink:

I think it was pretty heavily in the Cowboys favor. At least in the 4th quarter, they got all the breaks. I don’t think it was home-cookin’, I just think the screw ups came at opportune times for them.

It’s helpful if you add a little detail to this sort of post. :slight_smile:

My guess is you’re referring to reports of a video, apparently from a Cleveland hotel in February, that appear to show Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt getting into an argument with a woman, which escalated into a physical altercation.

Link to story on SI, which includes footage of the video: Kareem Hunt: hotel video emerges of February attack - Sports Illustrated

Interesting stat of last night’s game:

In all his time in the NFL, Drew Brees has never started a game 0 for 4 in pass attempts.

Until last night! :eek:

Thanks for creating the thread, I should’ve just done it at the season start. There used to be a lot more week to week discussion in the NFL so I broke it up, but now we can probably settle just fine with a seasonal thread.

I guess I’m the first to break the news that Kareem Hunt was cut by the Chiefs after video of his altercation with some people in a hotel a while back was released.

After the Dallas win, Washington, Seattle, Carolina and Minnesota will be huge games for those wanting to make the wild card