NFL 2022: Super Wildcard Week

That loss is solidly on the Dolphins coaching staff. Do they not know there’s a play clock?!

Giants trying to pull off the upset.

This can still go so wrong.

I love the expedited reviews. This needs to be permanent.

F’ing officials just turned a sack into a first down.

And the refs call nothing the passer on the Giants.

I just fucking give up with what constitutes roughing the passer.

And it looks like the Giants defense just overcame the damn Zebras too.

Giants at Eagles next Saturday; Niners will host winner of MNF on Sunday.

You have to give Daniel Jones to a new deal now, right?

On the plus side, to my eyes he looked friggin’ awesome today. I feel like when QBs run it stunts their development as a passer. The past couple years Jones not only ran at the drop of a hat, they even called designed QB runs. He’d be lucky to pass for 100 yards in a game, and typically his YPA would be in the 3-5 range through the first quarter or two of many games. He looked hopelessly lost whenever looking downfield.

Today he started red hot, with I think a YPA over 20 (!) and a perfect passer rating of 158.3. (5 for 5 for 100+ with a TD.) Still lots of running, but he looked like he knew what he was doing in the passing game. That’s what I haven’t seen from him until the Colts game a couple weeks ago.

He did show flashes in his rookie year, particularly on deep balls, but while he had accuracy and good touch on those, his decision making was terrible. Too many ints and fumbles from holding the ball too long so they (or the following regime) basically stopped having him throw beyond the line of scrimmage. Dump it off to Barkley or run it yourself was his basic playbook. That’s what’s been so frustrating the past two years, and contributed to his horrible YPA.

But god damn he was throwing vertical all day long today, and he looked good doing it. He’s definitely showing me and all his critics.

I eat crow, it tastes like suck win.

Wow, what a huge turnaround in Cincy.

An amazing turn around for Jones and the Giants.

And with the work done by the GM they can afford him and still have a lot left over to improve the team. Joe Schoen has done an amazing job.

I hope so.

Against the 2nd worst defense in the league.

Congrats on the win.

And the Bengals escape. Barely.

Next weekend Cincy at Buffalo, Jags at KC. Should be two excellent games.

Why is everyone calling this “Super Wildcard Weekend”; did I miss a memo?

Until 2019, the NFL had two wild-card teams per conference, and the 1st and 2nd place teams in each conference got byes during the wild card round; in that first round of the playoffs, there were four games played.

Starting in 2020; a third wild-card team was added in each conference, and only the 1st-place teams got byes in the wild card round. Due to this changes, there are now six games played during the wild card weekend, and that expansion (as well as, probably, just general hype) seems to have been what led to the new term.

NFL Marketing strikes again.

Surely he has faced bottom-ranked defenses in the league multiple times over the past few seasons. He didn’t look like this.

But fair point. Let’s see what happens in Philly. If he fumbles twice and throws a couple picks, then yeah, fuck me. But as of right now he looks pretty good to me.

Who picked this new term, how did they get the word out, and why are people on a message board going along with it? I understand why sportscasters and NFL talking heads would go along with the Official Name of the WeekendTM, but why is everyone else falling in line?

If they expand the playoffs to eight teams, will it be Super Duper Wildcard Weekend?

Probably the NFL themselves:

By using the term all the time, and likely insisting that the networks carrying the games do the same.

I use the term “Super Bowl” rather than “NFL Championship Game” too.

Sometimes people call things what they’re called.

I saw that the Bengals now have to play in Buffalo. Why aren’t they playing in a neutral site? Seems very unfair to Cincinnati.

The league supposedly addressed that, although nobody understood their reasoning.

“But when it comes to Buffalo and Cincinnati playing each other potentially in the divisional round of the playoffs, they have played the same number of games – they’ve both played 16 games. So there wasn’t really a conversation about a coin flip relative to the host site. We’ll let that play out on the field this weekend.”