NFL 2022: Week Twelve Angry Men

Thanksgiving is here, as is the all-day football-a-thon on Thanksgiving Day.

This week’s schedule (odds are from CBS Sports):

Buffalo @ Detroit (+9) (12:30 ET)
New York Giants @ Dallas (-9) (4:30 ET)
New England @ Minnesota (-3) (8:20 ET)

Tampa Bay @ Cleveland (+3)
Cincinnati @ Tennessee (+1.5)
Houston @ Miami (-12)
Chicago @ New York Jets (-6)
Atlanta @ Washington (-3.5)
Denver @ Carolina (+2.5)
Baltimore @ Jacksonville (+4)
L.A. Chargers @ Arizona (+3.5) (4:05 ET)
Las Vegas @ Seattle (-4) (4:05 ET)
L.A. Rams @ Kansas City (-14.5) (4:25 ET)
New Orleans @ San Francisco (-8.5) (4:25 ET)
Green Bay @ Philadelphia (-7) (8:20 ET)

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis (-2.5)

This will be a big game. Technically, Seattle has dropped to #2 in their division. Their record is tied with San Francisco, but they lost to them in Week 2 so that is the tiebreaker. The Raiders are a beatable team, but not a terrible one. I think it’ll be an interesting game.

Exactly right. They are 3-7, but six of those losses have been by one score or less, including a one-point loss in Arrowhead. On the flip side, their three wins are two victories over the 3-7 Broncos and one over the 1-8-1 Texans.

I’ll agree that the LV v. SEA game is a real toss-up, I’ll disagree that it’ll be interesting. I think the most interesting game will be Giants v. cowboys. 9 point spread seems like a mistake - this game could go either way IMO.

Lions 9 point underdogs at home against the Bills? I don’t think the Lions continue their winning streak, but it seems their win against the Giants should have bought them a little more respect.

Then again, given the Giants are 9 point underdogs this week, maybe the prevailing feeling is the Giants kind of suck.

I’d just be happy with a Turkey game that isn’t an absolute stinker for once.

Maybe the TNF game will be a good one. Vikes are now 2.5 point favorites over the Pats.

Things are not so rosy in Jetland.

It’s significant pivot for an organization that had geared almost everything around Wilson since drafting him second overall in 2021. It raises questions about the future of their quarterback position, a proposition the Jets never thought they’d have to confront so soon.

It will be interesting for Seahawk fans. A lot is riding on winning this one.

538’s ranking of game “quality” has all three Thursday games in the top six games for the week, and all are in the top five games “overall” (quality + importance). So odds are at least one of the games will be decent.

Wilson is… not a good player. Not only is he a shitty QB, he takes zero responsibility for his own shittiness. The team has been winning in spite of him, not because of him, and everyone can see this except him.

Tony Kornheiser had a funny line on PTI the other day: “My lack of faith in the Giants has been restored.”

Outside of one game, Daniel Jones hasn’t been able to throw the ball. That one game was the game before last, so I get why people started to get excited, but most of his games end with 5 yards per attempt. That is not a professional quarterback. Not even for a backup, much less a starter.

And now he’s starting back up with the turnovers. This is a recipe for a 7-11 season.

Yeah, I’ve been feeling for a while that the Giants are a bit of a paper tiger this season. I doubt they’ll regress to 7-11, but I do not see a serious playoff run in their future.*

*(This is a useless opinion based only on watching some game highlights).

Correction: 7-10.

I see it as a real possibility. More to the point, if I were to set an over-under on the number of games the Giants will win the rest of the way, I would set it at 2 and then still bet the under.

Then again, there are still divisional games, and outside of extreme cases like Green Bay and New England in the aughts and tens, anyone can win a divisional game.

But maybe this is where Daboll proves me wrong. As Kornheiser also said, this game tomorrow at Dallas is the Giants season.

Here’s my prediction: Giants will go 9-8. Have a winning season but not a great one.

Just my gut instinct. And still a big improvement over the recent past.

Finishing 2-6 in your final eight games would not be a great season, agreed.

The easiest team left on their schedule is the Colts. They have the Commanders twice, and while that team hasn’t been that formidable, they did hand Philly their only loss so far this year. Otherwise they have the Eagles, Vikings, and of course the Cowboys today. All teams anyone would struggle against.

So yeah, putting some actual thought after my gut instinct, I think that 9-8 seems about right because they have a tough schedule. But they don’t suck (I don’t think) and I don’t expect them to lose out.

I still feel that the Giants are trending upward, thanks to Daboll. They could be legitimate contenders next year with better personnel.

Then again WTF do I know, I thought that Seattle would suck this year (as did just about anyone not named Pete Carroll.)

Ha! The Giants need to find a quarterback, ideally someone on the level of Geno Smith. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.

Yet another sign that we’ve slipped into an alternate dimension at some point.

Lions tied it!

Lions prove, once again, that playing for a tie and playing prevent defense doesn’t help you win. Ah, Lions gonna Lions.