NFL - audible advertising

Suppose an NFL team decided to sell “advertising rights” of their audibles to a national company. For example, say the Ravens sell their audible rights to Toyota. The audibles, which used to sound like “green 41” and “red 96” instead are now “Sienna 19” and “blue Camary.”

Can a team do something like this on its own? Would corporate NFL be against the idea?

Looks like the league has to approve it:

According to this column, a typical game might have75-100 different offensive plays. You’ll need to subdivide those paid plugs down to something like, “Blue Camry with optional two-tone, touch sensor door locks, moonroof, smart key system, hut hut!”

On the other hand, at least one company has figured out how to use a quarterback’s cadence as advertising.

The Packers’ Aaron Rodgers regularly uses the signal “green 19” in his cadence. Titletown Brewing Company, a Green Bay craft brewery, introduced a Green 19 IPA a few years ago.

I don’t think they keep every play available as an audible, just a small group

Audibles are generally lost for the most part so it’d be a pretty bad investment. I can’t see a company wasting money on something the viewer might not hear let alone understand when barked out.

And do you want your product associated with a play that ends up being a sack that loses 8 yards?

I think most teams have a standard audible which means, “I’m cancelling the play I just called. We’re going with the backup plan.” Peyton Manning’s said in a post-retirement interview his famous “Omaha” call meant that. I think Brady just yells “Kill Kill” which isn’t nearly as much fun. For teams where the QB is allowed to call an audible on his own (not all coaches allow this) you’ll hear it multiple times during the course of the game.

Back when Manning was still playing Omaha Steaks discussed a sponsorship with Manning. If I remember correctly they decided they couldn’t actually pay him to change “Omaha” to “Omaha Steaks,” but they did have some sort of deal where each time he said “Omaha” during a game they donated money to charity.

Blue48! Blue48 seeeeeetttt. Green19! Green ninteeeeeeeeeen! green19set.

It won’t work unless you drag out the first ones and then hurry up the last one.

It’s science.