[NFL Career Question] How does one get a nonplayer, noncoach, noncheerleader job?


This is something I’ve wondered for a while but tend to always forget to post.

So how does one go about being someone on the sideline holding the down marker? Or maybe become the Gatorade-boy? How are all the miscellaneous jobs filled?
Do they pay well? Do they require a heavy sports background? Do you work your way up into them or are they the equivalent of entry-level positions?

  1. You apply, quite often to be an upaid intern.

  2. No, they don’t pay well.

  3. It helps to have a sports background but it’s not totally necessary; it depends what specific job you’re aiming at.

The current general manager and VP of the Toronto Blue Jays, Alex Anthopolous, who’s been in the news quite a lot lately, has no sports experience of any kind I am aware of. He was an economics grad from McMaster and started off doing entry level crap with the Expos. Now he’s swinging multi-zillion dollars deals with the big boys. That’s why the entry level positions pay poorly; they’re seen as a chance to make it big in pro sports, so you can get people to work for peanuts, or less.

Actually, the more pressing question now is, how long have you been a moderator? :eek:

I started off interning in minor league moderation…

George Costanza got a job with the NY Yankees. IIRC, he said and did the opposite of every instinct he had. He told off George Steinbrenner.

Not sure if I would recommend that strategy but it worked for George Costanza.