NFL -- inside dope?

I’m in a football pool at work with a bunch of guys – last year I finished at about 50/50.

This year I’d like to do better (but without studying stats, keeping up with injury reports, or watching hours of ESPN commentary.

I could continue to pick using my patented Uniform Color & Design method, or Best Coach’s Buns, but I’d rather cheat.

Besides, do you know of any websites I might visit to get a leg up on my competition?

To plagiarize A. Whitney Brown, that must be like trying to decide which street mime to watch!

Hey, Mike Shanahan has the best, and look what happened to HIS team!

Here’s what I use for my research. The individual game breakdowns are helpful.

Good luck with your picks

“Owls will deafen us with their incessant hooting!” W. Smithers

For more fun join the SDMB fantasy football league:

See the MPSIMS thread for details.

Thanks, Frank – I compared Pete’s Picks to mine and I’m way off – it’ll be fun to follow this guy through the season and see how he does.

I liked his comment about how Dennis Green waits til post-season to blow a big game.

Hey Frank – I should have picked with your guy – he was 9 and 4.

I let hubby pick for me and I was 4 and 9.

The only game the expert really messed up on was Cleveland-Pittsburgh.

I really hate starting the season this far in the hole – will need a bunch of good weeks (and everyone else with bad weeks) to catch up.

I’ve always had good success betting on the home team. Even if it’s Washington against, well, the next worst team in the league (Damn them! Damn them for Sunday’s game!), the home team seems to be unusually adept at beating the spread, if not actually winning.

With the possible exception, that is, of Washington. I wouldn’t pick them to tie in a freight train chicken match.

[Bitter tears of humiliation streaming down my face…]