NFL: most and least match-ups?

Which pair of NFL teams have played the most games together and which pair have played the fewest? (Let’s stick with current teams - I don’t care how many times the Kenosha Maroons played the Staten Island Stapes.)

My guess is that the Texans and the Panthers have had the fewest games and the Bears and the Packers have played the most.

The Bears and Packers are definitely the answer to the most.

The Texans have played a several teams only twice. The way the schedule is built every team will play each other once every 4 years. As the newest team that’s the lowest number you’ll find.

I wonder which two teams not in the same division have played the most.

Well, my guess would be two of the older NFL teams, and preferably two who used to be in the same conference/division before the merger, or after the merger but not now. I’d check the Giants with some of the Norris teams, as an example. Or the Cardinals, who might well have been grouped with the western teams like Chicago and Green Bay back in the 60s, and were grouped with the Giants in the 70s and 80s, IIRC.

Cardinals v Redskins are 120. Not sure if any with more yet.

Cardinals v. Giants 124 matchups. That’s likely to be the most.

In retrospect, I can see a fault in my logic. I picked the Texans and the Panthers as the fewest game pair because they are the newest teams that aren’t in the same division or conference. But the dates of both teams aren’t relevant. For the purposes here, only the year the Texans began playing matters; they wouldn’t have played the Packers any more often than they played the Panthers.

I have always wondered what matchup was featured on Monday Night Football the most.

Back in the good ole days of ABC/MNF, it seems like the Cowboys/Redskins were featured once a year. Now that the prestige of MNF has been ‘tainted’, first by Sunday night football on TNT/ESPN, then MNF broadcasted by ESPN and the [del]ABC[/del]NBC game moved to Sunday night, it is kind of hard to decipher what NFL game is the primetime feature of the week.

Well, not so hard really. Until the main network broadcast switched to Sunday night, the MNF game was the premier night game, and scheduled accordingly. SNF was supposed to feature divisional rivalries more, IIRC.

The real wild card now in the situation is TNF, on the NFL channel.

Originally – the first year definitely — MNF was scheduled so that each of the 26 teams would appear once during the 13 weeks of the TV season. The schedule was 14 games then with no bye week and there was no MNF on the last week.

Definitely not true. The Browns, for example, played both Week 1 and Week 12.

Wikipedia: MNF 1970 Season

There are multiple other examples of teams scheduled more than once. Careful examination will show which teams were not scheduled at all that year.

MNF was ALWAYS the premier game, and was supposed to have premier matchups. It is a status of the descent of the Browns that in 1970, they were considered so premier, they helped usher in the concept. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Cardinals were in the same division with both the Redskins and Giants from 1950 until 2001.

True, but they are not in the same division now. Which is what I took his question to mean.