NFL Offseason 2024

Free agency frenzy is over. Draft is done. Undrafted free agents are sorting themselves out as we speak.

Here’s your thread for NFL goings-on for the next few months.

To start us off on offseason news, Zeke is returning to the Cowboys on a 1-year deal. Jerry Jones has always been loyal to his guys, which is the only explanation I have for this. Pollard is gone, and they didn’t draft any RBs. Joining the backfield committee I guess.

Why am I hearing rumors that Watson of the Browns is being traded to Houston?

So, did anyone see Goodell’s announcement that the NFL is going to start using those spongy looking helmets that have kind of a “Conhead” look to the top? If I’m not mistaken, they are going to be used this coming season.

Because whoever started it is an idiot. Not only is there no reason for the Texans to take Watson back, it’s a negative in every possible sense. Terrible contract, replacement-level play when healthy, never healthy, horrible contract, left a very bad taste when leaving Houston previously, Houston already has a starting quarterback, and did I mention the atrocious contract?

That albatross makes the dead money for Wilson and Rodgers look like child’s play, though slightly less bad for a team not owned by Jimmy Haslam. $46m a year for 1k yards? The Jets paid less for non-rapist Aaron Rodgers.

They’re giving the players the option of using them. We’ll see how many do.

Bills S Mark Kelso played with an extra cap on his helmet back in the early 90s. It was comical back then, and it’s still kinda goofy looking but it does definitely look better than marshmallow helmet at least. Granted, I don’t know how effective Kelson’s extra shell was in comparison, either. It didn’t catch on. I think only one other player ever wore one.

Aand this is why I should google FIRST. This draft was the last of the picks the Texans got from the Browns for Watson (three first round picks, two each third and fourth round picks). With aforementioned contract bullet dodged and replacement with Stroud - the Texans won the trade. Not Herschel Walker-level, at least not yet, given the youth of the current picks, but a bad trade for Cleveland.

I believe that’s correct, at least for NFL players – the other was 49ers’ offensive lineman Steve Wallace.

Not only does Houston have a QB, but a damn impressive one only in his second year. If he improves they are in the enviable position of having a legit franchise guy on a rookie deal. That’s practically a cheat code for an NFL team, since it gives them a lot of money to build around the guy.

He doesn’t need to improve to be a legit franchise guy. In fact, he could play slightly worse than his rookie year every year from now on and be a legit franchise guy.

I should have said truly elite.

I seriously think he could be the next guy on the top of the QB pecking order in time.

Yeah, agreed. But damn if he isn’t almost in the conversation already. Like how when it was Brady / Peyton and sometimes Rodgers. The only thing working against him is the high bar that Mahomes has set.

I just wanted to share a bit of schadenfreude that made my morning this morning: one of the former NFL players I absolutely despise has declared bankruptcy to delay collection by the US government of past unpaid taxes.

Racist, cheating, cheap shotting, teammate-disabling, piece of feces wraped in an ugly, hate-filled, stupid human suit Bill Romanowski (and his wife) filed for bankruptcy! His “nutrition” company declared bankruptcy last year and Denver Asshat attempted to avoid having the US collect on owed back taxes by pilfering money from the company.

So, for the 23,534th time, may I offer a hearty “Eat Shit!” to Bill Romanowski!

Jared Goff is now the NFLs second highest paid player (Joe Burrow remains #1). He signed a 4 year, $170 million guaranteed, 212 million potential contract.

I like Jared Goff. He’s a very good NFL QB (PFF even has him as their #10 rated QB). I’m happy he’s getting paid (although it would have been a ton cheaper to have signed him last year). It will be an interesting year for the Lions.

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker has some interesting things to say…

I’ve been seeing that all over Reddit. It caught my eye because he’s been the kicker on my fantasy team for the past few seasons.

I just keep thinking back to Payton Manning talking about how his idiot kicker got all liquored up and started running his mouth.

He’s one of the top kickers in the league, but that doesn’t mean we need to listen to his opinions. Unfortunately, a LOT of people are in agreement with him.

The Chiefs, as an organization, would be wise to not comment on Butker’s ramblings.

He doesn’t know who was president when COVID hit, or like other cultists he’s completely blind to anything Trump did and can only criticize anyone else.

2024 schedules have been released. Scheduling Christmas Day games is so stupid. It’s on a Wednesday this year - we’re going to make 4 teams play on 4 days of rest in week 17?! At least the Texans and Ravens get late byes - the Chefs’ and Steelers’ are much earlier (6 and 9, respectively).

Those 4 teams play on Saturday the 21st (the only two games that day). Chiefs host the Texans, and the Ravens host the Steelers. Then on Wednesday the 25th, the Chiefs visit the Steelers, and the Ravens visit the Texans. All four games will presumably have major implications on the AFC playoffs.

Oh, and the two Christmas Day games will be televised by Netflix.