NFL "Play is under review" question

In today’s game Jacksonville vs. NY Giants, Yeldon reached for the end zone and dropped the ball as he was tackled, the ref ruled him down at the one, which turned out to be correct. It also looked, at first glance, he might have scored. On review it was clear the refs made the right call, was neither a TD or a fumble. Any how, the Giants challenged, my question is… on a Giants challenge and the replay would have shown the Jags clearly scoring a TD, the TD awarded to the Jags? Yes, Right?

should say “is awarded”

There have definitely been times when a challenge backfired. I’ve seen times when a running back was ruled down just shy of a first down, the offense challenges, and on review they see he actually stepped out of bounds yards back.

They’re going to change the call to whatever looks correct. So in your example if it looked like it was a TD, it’ll be changed to a TD.

I think that there was one where the runner (receiver) approaching the end zone lunged for the pylon, but was ruled down at the half yard line. Offense challenged that he actually hit the pylon and it should be a touchdown. After review it was determined that he fumbled out of the end zone and it was actually a touch back for the defense. That may have been college, but a review looks at the play and determines what the call should have been.

That was last year with the Bears.

Yes. There’s no reason a challenge has to either be status quo or go the challenger’s way. It can backfire totally.

Yes, there was a famous case involving my Bears within the last couple of years. A Bear was ruled down at the one yard line, but we challenged because we felt he broke the plane before being out of bounds.

As it turned out, he hadn’t gone out of bounds, but he lost control of the ball an instant before breaking the plane and the ball rolled into the end zone and out of bounds there, which is a touchback for the other team. So, instead of having a first down at the one yard line, they had the ball at their own twenty.