NFL - Raiders cut DeAngelo Hall

Hey, don’t try to apply logic to my posts. :smiley: Seriously though, Asomugha is a real stand up guy and a heck of a player too yet Al franchises him and gives a bum like Hall a 70 mil contract. It’s crazy.

See, now I just picked up Mr. Hall in my fantasy league that has individual players. Then again, I picked up Dre Bly when the Lions signed him because I know he’d get thrown at. All he has to do is swat a couple of them and make a couple tackles and I think I’ve got a solid investment, especially because teams are going to test him out and throw at him.

He probably won’t start much (if at all) this year, though. He doesn’t know the system at all, so the only thing they can do with him at the moment is send him out in nickel/dime packages and say, “cover that guy”.

Exactly. He’s got the physical tools, that’s for sure. He can come in and get some interesting stats because of it, much like Deion Sanders did for the Ravens in his comeback.