NFL ref hand signals

Anyone know of a site where the NFL ref hand signals are explained?

Here you go Falcon. Sometimes the answer is right under your nose (or close enough):

:*) It seems I looked there (and everywhere else)last year and found nothing.
The one I dont see, it arms outstreched like unsportsman like conduct, but with fists, not open hands.

I never actually heard of the crowd noise penalty, does it get called a lot in the viking metradome?

Falcon: could be mistaken here, but I think palms open and fists are the same.

I just went to the logical place and used their search engine.

P.S.: I like your sense of humour :slight_smile:

It was trendy for a while for a QB to plead to the officials that he couldn’t hear. The officials would usually stop the play clock. Then, if it continued, they would warn the fans to shut up. Only then would a penalty be called - I believe delay of game against the home team.

I have not seen it called recently. Maybe once a few years ago. Too many QB’s were complaining and too many refs got sick of it. I believe it’s still on the books, but it’s a judgment call, one officials will make about as often as calling pass interferance on a Hail Mary pass at the end of a game.

Yer pal,

The signal with both arms straight out and the fists balled up means it’s an officials’ timeout (read: TV timeout in order to work in a few more commercials).

When the rule against crowd noise was first enacted, the refs called it a LOT in the pre-season. This proved both unpopular and ineffective. People who’d paid a LOT of money to come to the game didn’t appreciate being told they had to sit quietly like good little boys and girls, and invariably got even LOUDER on the next play.

When will quarterbacks learn that the ONLY way to lessen crowd noise is to complete a few passes? (Score a TD or two, and they’ll be downright silent).