Football, and too much noise for the QB

I was on another forum discussing crowd noise, football stadiums, and the duty of the home crowd to make it impossible for the visiting offense to hear.

And then I suddenly had a recollection, hazy but definitely there, of watching football (either NFL or college) some 20 or 30 years ago. A QB would come up to the line of scrimmage with the crowd screaming; if it was too loud, the QB would back away and appeal to the ref; the ref would stop the clock and hope for the crowd to quiet down.

Seems inconceivable, but true. Does anyone else recall this? If so, when did this practice stop?

I’ve seen it in the NFL, though I don’t think I’ve seen it happen in at least the past few years. I’m not sure if the rules were changed back (because I do recall the rule being specifically instituted), or if the situation just doesn’t come up as often anymore.

It’s still in the Rulebook:

I think they just stopped calling it. It used to be somewhat common.

It was apparently instituted for the 1989 season. I seem to recall the Vikings being penalized for it (and in fact, this was not long after the 1987 World Series where the broadcasting team would show how loud the Metrodome was getting at key points in the game.) I don’t think it was enforced for very long, however.