NFL - Smartest Play Ever

Don’t bother suggesting any - I just saw it, with 1:14 left to play in the Browns-Broncos game.

Denver (and UCF!) wideout Brandon Marshall scored a touchdown, and reached into his pants. Straightaway I thought, “Uh oh… he’s looking for a prop!”

Out of nowhere, Brandon Stokely came flying up and grabbed his hands, shielding whatever he was holding from the refs, until the rest of the team came up to congratulate Marshall. 15 yard penalty averted.

From the back-of-the-endzone camera, you could see it was something about four inches square. Kind of looked like an autograph book.

I’m not following you, guess I’ll see the replay later.

Marshall definitely pulled something out, and was immediately stopped.
If you don’t mind an immediate hijack, I think Winslow just had the worst game that anyone has ever had in which they had 10 for 111 and 2 TDs. If that makes any sense.

nfm, remember the brief craze among wideouts for pulling stuff out of their pants/the goalpost padding to enhance their TD celebrations? Joe Horn’s cellphone, T.O.'s Sharpie, Chad Johnson’s… well, everything but the kitchen sink?

Marshall was going to pull the same sort of thing, and Stokely saw it coming and stopped him to ensure he wouldn’t draw an unsportsmanlike conduct flag.

Said he was going to pull out a black and white glove and do some black panther pose in support of Obama. :rolleyes: Just came off as a moron is describing it.

Fortunately for the Broncos the white man (Stokely) kept him down and saved a 15 yard penalty. Those 15 yards could have saved the game for Denver, though it would have taken a 60 yard field goal to tie it.

Excuse me while I whip this out.


I didn’t realize that Thursday games were starting this week, and as a result i forgot to return Jay Cutler to my Fantasy lineup before the game. Of course, he threw for 447 yards with 3 touchdowns, giving him 28 points.

Also, i missed out on putting Denver’s Tony Scheffler back in the team. He had 92 yards receiving, which is pretty damn good for a tight end. Of course, my other tight end, Tampa’s Alex Smith, has a bye this weekend.

I could have been up 34 points already. Instead, i’m faced with starting Matt Fucking Hasselbeck and searching the free agent list for a tight end.


I looked, but couldn’t find the game on in my area… :frowning:

I"m the idiot who cut BOTH Winslow and Schleffer earlier this. I really thought Winslow was ready to implode this year and the Browns would give up the season.

I noticed that too. Very quick thinking by Stokely and while I support the idea of what Marshall wanted to do, it was the wrong place and the wrong time to do it.

Smartest play ever in the NFL was not last night. That was a smart reaction. The play was over.

Smartest play ever - Video of the play.

Only on the NFL network.

Bingo – when I saw the thread title, my first thought was “A thread about Westbrook lying down at the 1? A year later?”


Of course, had he gone ahead and done it, and been flagged, he could’ve turned the whole thing around…

“No no Mr. Ref, you see, the glove is painted black and white…just like your uniform. That’s what this gesture is all about. You guys have been getting a lot of bad press lately, and I just want you to know that I’m standing strong with you…Referee Power!”

It’s the only reason to keep track of the World Series. When it’s over, you know Thursday NFL games are going to start.

At the half I was thinking it was Winslow that should be named “Chief of Staff”. He cleared that up… again.

Props to the mighty Quinn. Helluva first outing.

I liked Belichick calling for an own safety so there would be enough time on the clock to regain possession and score to win. Certainly not a guarantied move, but it worked out for the Pats.

Agreed that it was a smart play, but I think it highlights the way that NFL people get strategy like this wrong all the time. Bill Simmons has a thing about how teams should hire kids who’ve played 10,000 Madden games to advise on things like this, and sometimes I think he’s right. It should be completely second nature for players to know the clock situation and what to do.

I know that had fantasy players cussing at the television.

The Thursday game killed me too. Was leading our workplace picks by TWO GAMES…and they’re completley disallowing everyone’s card who didn’t get it in by Thursday. Even if you take a loss for the Thursday game. There’s probably 7 people in the running. I bet five of them are DQed this week. What a joke.