NFL Trivia

It’s about time. If you answer a question correctly, feel free to add more. As usual no Googling.

  1. Who is the only player to post 2,000+ yards from scrimmage and not make the Pro Bowl that season? I don’t think I’m giving anything away when I say it’s a running back. Bonus question: which players were selected ahead of him.

  2. Who holds the single season record for combined passing and rushing yards? I’ve mentioned this many times in football threads.

  3. Two players played 20 seasons for a single franchise (different franchises, of course). Name one.

  4. Only one player on the 10,000 yard rusher list has never been selected to a Pro Bowl (not including as an alternate). Name him.

  5. Tricky one: everyone knows Bruce Smith is the all-time leader in sacks; who is the all-time leader in tackles? It’s not an official statistic so it’s based on teams’ records.

No google? but but but the internets knows all. :frowning:

I’m gonna say #3 is probably a kicker, and #4 is Curtis Martin?

For #3: Lou Groza?

Bruce Matthews?

kenobi got Groza - 21 years with Cleveland. Matthews only played 19 for Houston/Tennessee.

Number 4, Ricky Watters? I know he went but I’m not sure if he wasn’t an alternate every time.

Number 2, Culpepper?

#3 is not a kicker. See below.

Sorry, should have been more clear. Two players played exactly 20 seasons for one team - I’m looking for those guys.

Ricky Watters is incorrect. A clue: he did finally make a Pro Bowl fairly recently - but as an alternate.

Daunte Culpepper is correct. 4,717 passing and 406 rushing yards in 2004, breaking Dan Marino’s record of 5,077.

Well, not exclusively a kicker, anyway. :slight_smile:

All of the kickers I can think of who had very long careers (Anderson, Andersen, Stenerud, Carney, Feagles) changed teams several times.

Thomas Jones?

Number 3 has to be some old grizzled Offensive Lineman, how far back does this go?

One of the two answers for #3 is indeed an offensive lineman, but it doesn’t go back that far - he retired in the 90s. Clue: his kid was drafted in 2008.

Jackie Slater

Redskins Darryl Green 2 decades.

Those are the guys. Slater played 19 seasons for the LA Rams and one more after they moved to St. Louis. Green played 20 seasons for the Redskins.

Thomas Jones was incorrect, by the way. Another clue - he’s still in the league, and currently injured.

Charlie Garner?


In that case, I’ll guess Jamal Lewis for #4.

#4 has got to be Fred Taylor.

Ding ding ding! Fred Taylor for the win. 1 and 5 are still unanswered. Feel free to post your own questions (you *can *google those, of course).

All right, here’s one, though I feel like everyone might know this:

Who caught Brett Favre’s first career NFL completion?

Brett Favre. It was batted back to him.